Friday, February 26, 2016

Transfer #2

Holy Moly it has been the craziest week of my entire life! I have so much I want to tell you all but I don't have enough time so I will do my best. Here it goes. 
So Tuesday Sister Starnes went to a funeral for one of the senior missionaries who served in this mission. He had cancer and passed away last week. She got to go because she served in the same ward as he did. Anyways so while she was at the funeral I got to work with Sister Boria who is a brand spankin new missionary from a place called Kiribati it's a little island. She is really cute and her English is getting really good! We did tons of finding and visited lots of members. It was fun but also stressful because she is really shy and quiet so I did most of the talking which lets be real I usually do anyways haha the rest of the day was pretty good and uneventful. 
Wednesday was when the madness began. We were doing our studies and all of sudden screamed for the Hermanas and they all ran in and I just sat there confused. What had happened was as she was studying she found a freaking bed bug on her blanket! So we searched her bed for more and couldn't find any. Then we searched my bed and nothing but when the Hermanas searched their beds they found like three. It was nasty! So we called the mission office and they told us we had to wash every piece of clothing, bedding, towels, everything! Then we had to vacuum our entire house and pack up all of our food and leave while our apartment got bug bombed. It was so dumb! 
Thursday was my 3 month mark!!!!!! Hooray time is flying :) Thursday wasn't too bad except for the morning when we had to move everything back into our apartment and finish laundry. We had our last district meeting of the transfer and we went to lunch as a zone :) it was really fun! 
Friday nothing important happened. 
Saturday was transfer day and he whole day I was so nervous and anxious about transfer calls! We worked hard all day and even taught a lesson to a new investigator we found her name is Mary. She is awesome and really wants to be baptized!! Yippee :) then around 7:30 we got a call from President Jardine. Usually for transfers if President calls you instead of the zone leader something is happening so we were nervous. So here is the big news of the week. Hermana Stevens is leaving to north Sac to be an STL and to train. Hermana Woodbury is staying and getting a new comp. Sister Starnes is being transferred to the Goethe Park Ward and she is training!! And I am staying in the Mather and Anatolia wards and I am also training!!! I am so nervous and excited! When president asked me how I felt I said I feel terrified and he just laughed and said good haha I am really sad that Sister Starnes is leaving because I love that girl but the good news is we will be in the same zone still so we will be able to see each other a lot! So on Wednesday I get to meet my trainee! I am super excited to meet her and teach her everything I know which is not much I have only 3 months of experience but I know that the Lord knows I can do it and trusts me enough so I have faith it will all work out! :) Please pray for me and my new trainee we will need it haha 
I know this was way long sorry everyone! I can't wait to tell you all about the new girl! Have a great week and remember that God knows us and doesn't give us things we can't handle! You can do all things through Christ. Love you! 
Sister Munk ❤️
Ps. Congrats to Sister Evie Jensen on her mission call!! You will rock it girl :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

90 Days

First I want to start by saying Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin Ellie and Happy Valentines Day :)
 (yesterday) it is freaking my 90th day what?!? 
 This week started out with an awesome lesson with Kevin and Sheri. We read some of the Book of Mormon with them and helped them understand what they were reading.  We talked and read about putting on the armor of righteousness and how important it is to be spiritually strong and firm. Good stuff! It is so cool to look back at the first time I met them to now and see how much they have progressed in the gospel. Sheri really wants to learn and Kevin has such a desire to be baptized. Hopefully in the next few months they will be able to be married and baptized :) We did tons of biking this week so I am pretty sore haha Biking is really fun (when we don't crash) though because you can talk to more people that way. 
On Wednesday we got a phone call from a man who works at the local VA hospital and requested 10 Books of Mormon so we wrote our numbers in all of them and then delivered them. Nothing has happened yet but we keep hoping we get another phone call or something! We have been struggling in our finding efforts. It seems like everyone is way to busy for Christ. It is a really sad thing because when you look at the eternal big perspective of things nothing is more important than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Alma 7:7 it talks about that. Go read it :) So anyways we try and talk to everyone we see so that by some miracle we can find someone who is prepared and interested. On Thursday the Hermanas called us and told us that they had a service opportunity for us so we took it! All four of us went to a members home in their area and stained her hardwood floor in her living room. I had no experience doing this and neither did Sister Starnes or the Hermanas so in the end it looked pretty....well pretty bad and we all felt so dumb but the lady was so grateful and assured us that she loved it and thanked us like a hundred times. Haha maybe with a few couches and a rug it will look better. Hahaha This weekend we did exchanges and I knew it was going to be a hard weekend with Andrews birthday so I wasn't very excited about it but they ended up being really awesome! I went to Carmichael with Sister Wright and Sister Calton came to Cordova with Sister Starnes. I got to do some YSA work and I loved it. It was a lot less nerve racking teaching people closer to my age. We taught some awesome lessons and I met some cool people. We even got to go to a baptism for a YSA girl and at the baptism 2 of Sister Wright and Sister Caltons investigators showed up! AND so did one of my Dads Aunts Uva! 
It was so cool to see her :) 
On Sunday we had a really awesome regional conference. It was seriously so dang good! The speakers were Elder Grow from the 70 and he talked about being true to the faith, Bonnie L. Oscarson and she talked about being true disciples of Christ, James J. Hamula who talked about not having fear but faith in the last days, and finally the new apostle Dale G. Renlund who talked about how everything begins with the Atonement. They were all fantastic talks and I loved it because they were all very blunt and straight to the point. Kevin and Sheri were there and they really liked it :) I took tons of notes! So so good :) plus the weather here has been amazing! I think they are having an early spring!! Hooray :) 
It was a pretty good week and I can not believe transfers are this weekend! That flew by so fast!! Well I love you all and hope your week is awesome and full of missionary moments :) look for them and pray for them because missionary work rocks!
Sister Munk

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Plan of Happiness

This week not too much happened. We have been trying to clean up our area book which also means we are doing a lot of dropping unfortunately. But also a lot of finding! Every night we get home we are so tired we can barely plan. So far nothing amazing has happened but I am a firm believer that when we work hard the Lord will meet us half way and the blessings will come. We had a zone training this week and it was super good! Our zone leaders are Elder West and Elder Poulton (he went to bhs. Small world) they did a really good job! We talked a lot about how we have to see every single person we meet with an eternal perspective. We are all brothers and sisters and we all have the potential to be amazing people and accomplish amazing things through the gospel. It is something I have found sort of difficult but it is definitely something I am striving to become better at. 
Church this Sunday was really nice :) I love partaking of the sacrament each week. It is such an awesome blessing we have been given. We had kind of a cool miracle happen at church. One of the recent converts in the Ward brought her mom to church. Her mom is older and has Alzheimer's which makes her unaccountable so even if she wanted to be taught the lessons and be baptized she wouldn't be able to. But it was still really cool to see her at church and watch her as she listened to the testimonies of the Ward members. Recently a women in the Anatolia Ward passed away from cancer and her husband bore his testimony on the plan of salvation. It was a really powerful testimony and up until my mission and my cousin Andrew passing away I never had a super personal experience with death and with the plan of salvation. The more I teach it to people and study it the more my testimony of it grows. I am so grateful to know that my loving Heavenly Father has created a perfect plan so that I can be with my family for eternity. What an incredible thing! I love you all and hope your week is a great one! 
Sister Munk 
 Happy Superbowl Sunday
 We found HAPPY lane....
Not the real Charlie, but good enough for now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Taiti got Baptized

Hello everyone :) 
So this week was a really good one! It started off with interviews with President Jardine and Sister Jardine. They went really well! My mission president is the best! In my interview he told me that it was refreshing to meet with a sister who was "real" and honest. Haha sometimes too honest.... Oh well :) Then we went to the food bank and did some service! We do a lot of service in this mission and I love it. It is a really good way to meet people and it has opened my eyes to how blessed and fortunate I am. You should all go find the closest food bank or something and volunteer! Anyways, I'm not sure if I already told y'all this but on Sunday this lady just showed up to church and asked if we could say a prayer with her. She ended up staying for most of church and loved it. So this week we dropped by her house to see her again and teach her. She is the sweetest lady and she is hilarious! Her 11 year old daughter is on Americas Got Talent you guys!! Apparently she can sing so I will have to find out her name and you will have to let me know if that is a real thing. You never know out here people are crazy. We went on a blitz with our district leaders and they met a man who claimed to be Jesus I said people are crazy. 
My favorite part of the week was being able to use my talent while doing missionary work! I was able to give Jamie a haircut (Jeffs wife) it was just a trim but it allowed us to get to know her better and we even slipped in some church talk haha I also gave the hermanas that we live with trims and Sister Starnes a trim. Fun stuff!! The more I have gotten to know Sister Starnes the more I have realized that we are the same person. It's creepy. Lol for example the other day we heard something and looked at each other and at the same time we both busted out into the same song. We do it all the time! You know your good friends when you just look at each other and know what each other is thinking. Love her!! 
Oh ya and..... TAITI GOT BAPTIZED!!! That is #2 for me not that I'm counting or anything. Her baptism was so awesome and she is Tongan so literally everyone she knew or was related to was there. It was so sweet! She has Autism in fact the exact thing Hayden has but she is lower functioning. She was so happy and excited and she looked so darn cute! She really does have the sweetest spirit about her and I am so glad she chose to follow her family's example and her savior so example to be baptized. She didn't need to be baptized because she technically isn't accountable mentally but she wanted to and that is the best part about all of it. She really really wanted to. :) 
This week ended with Stake Conference. The talks were all awesome and based on two main topics. First was Keeping the sabbath day holy. That seems to be a huge push right now! Second was temple and family history work. If y'all haven't participated in doing temple work for ancestors what the heck are you even doing with your life?? You have people on the other side of the veil just sitting there waiting for YOU to help them achieve exaltation. Go do it!! 
I love you and miss you all! Hope you have a fantastic week :) hope you enjoy the pictures!! 
Ps. Happy Birthday Shout out to Uncle Jason, Aunt Kimber, and little Leighton love you guys!!! 
Sister Munk 👊🏻