Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11/8/2016 Transfers and Baptism

Hey everyone!! I hope you all had an awesome week :) so things here in California have been pretty good. We had transfers this week and sister Hyde and I were both super nervous for it but.....we are staying together!! Yippeee 😀 
A lot of cool stuff happened this week, it all started with MLC (mission leadership council). All the zone leaders and sister training leaders meet together to set the baptism goal for every month and then we also get to have a training by the APs (assistants to the president) and president and sister Jardine. This MLC was really awesome because it was all focused on learning to love the Lord more. So now today elder Scott, Pennington, sister Hyde and I are doing a zone training and I am super excited about it!! Also the mission got 2 new sister training leaders called... Sister Beck and Sister Davis!!!!! I am so happy for them and I know they will do amazing things :) 
This week Sister Hyde and I were able to take Samantha on a temple tour.  It was amazing!! Our wonderful member Shivani drove us so the four of us were able to enjoy the tour together. It was just amazing. The spirit was so strong as we walked around the temple with Samantha. The man giving the tour knew that Samantha was an investigator and so everything he said was just perfect! As we were walking around the temple the most incredible thing happened. Samantha turned to us and said "Sisters, I think I want to serve a mission." WHAT?!?!? I almost died when she said that. She has such a strong testimony of the gospel and she can't wait to start helpi other people. She is the best!! Her baptism is his Saturday so keep her in your prayers because Satan is gonna work really hard on her this week. 
Also Sister Hyde and I got to go to a baptism for an investigator we were teaching but then she moved to Elk Grove. Her name is Maria and she is super sweet! I loved teaching her always wanted to sing hymns and it was the best. She even sang at her baptism! She sang 'teach me to walk in the light' and the spirit was super strong. Man missions are the best. 
Another super crazy thing happened this week. So sister Hyde and I were driving around visiting people and all of a sudden our phone was dead so we had to drive home to get the chord to charge it. It was super annoying because like ten minutes earlier the phone was completely fine so we hurried home and as I was turning onto our street (it was night time so it was dark) the cars lights shown on this man laying on the side of the road. It freaked us both out so we turned around and tried to talk to the guy but he looked unconscious and he wouldn't respond to us. So we decided we needed to call 911 so we booked it home and used sister morgans phone. I have never called 911 before so I was super freaked out but I did it and the ambulance came and I don't know what ended up  happening but I had this feeling of peace. It was a testimony builder to me that our Heavenly Father is in charge and he allows certain things to happen. Like our phone dying, so that greater things to come to pass like going home unexpectedly and helping this man. I know that everything happens for a reason! 
I love you all and hope you have a great rest of your week! :) adios!!

Our awesome zone leaders Elder Scott and Elder pennington

 Sister Davis Sister Beck Sister Hyde and i after MLC
 Sister Hyde and i drew the coolest picture ever.
hope y'all like it :)
 On our way to the Temple tour
 How transfers make us feel
 But don't worry we get to stay together!!
 temple tour

 Samantha has her sights set on the Temple
Marias Baptism

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a fun and safe night!! 
So this week was awesome :) I think the best part was Skyler's baptism. He was so excited to finally be baptized. It was a great day! He has such a sweet and simple testimony of the gospel and he is so smart. Seeing his family unite in the gospel was such a testament to me that the gospel truly does bless families. :) 
Another awesome thing that happened this week was when we had dinner with one of our recent converts. His name is Ron and he is the bomb diggity:) He is in the YSA Ward and he signed up to feed us. Sister Hyde and I were so excited to eat with him because he is a chef!! He made a super yummy dinner that we had to eat in the open garage lol we can't go into a home if there is not another woman there but don't worry he had a candle on the table to make it fancy hahaha YSA kills me! It's the best :) 
We also had our family wards Halloween party which was super fun! All the kids looked super cute in their fun costumes :) I think there was about 10 Harry Potter characters which made me happy because it reminded me of my mom haha
Anyways, in church on Sunday there was a homecoming for a returned missionary. She gave an amazing talk about how scary it was for her to come home. She said it was scarier than leaving for her mission. But then she talked about how in life we can't have fear and have faith. We have to put our faith forward and hope for the best! She said a lot of other awesome stuff that I can't remember hahaha but that's mostly what I took from it. 
Our recent converts are doing amazing so far!! Aron is the best :) He was atheist before he was baptized and he didn't believe any of it but then he read he Book of Mormon and bam! Now he has such a solid testimony! He likes boxing and he hurt his wrist so now he has to get surgery on his wrist and he was scared so he asked a member of the YSA Ward to give him a blessing. He told us that he felt so much comfort during the blessing and he bore his testimony to us that the priesthood is real. It was amazing! 
Well I am loving it here in Sacramento! I miss good ole Utah though :) Hope everyone has an awesome week. Oh ya and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GMA B :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU 😘 

Decorated sister McDonalds bed for her birthday

 We have been Facebook video chatting with Samantha and reading
the Book of Mormon with her in between her lessons. I am so grateful
for social media.
 Pumpkin at night
 Skylar's baptism (his hair is literally beautiful Jealous)
And Bishop Sprague
 Saw this while driving around
James 3:16
 For Mom (its Bellatrix)
 We love missionary work!!
 Samantha reppin the Book of Mormon
Happy Hallowee! Love the Princess and Rudolph ;)

10/24/16 11 Months

Heeyyy. So this went by fast and a lot happened and I don't really remember everything hahaha sorry guys but here are the highlights. 
I hit my eleven month mark! That's weird. Haha Sister Hyde and I celebrated with McDonald's YUM! I don't know what it is but I have never loved McDonald's more than I do now lol I think it is because everywhere I have lived so far had a McDonald right by it. I don't know! 
Sister Hyde and I were able to go on team ups with some amazing sisters :) It really impresses me how hard the missionaries we are serving work. I'm sure every missionary works hard but being able to go work in their area with them was awesome :) They might not have a ton going on but they have the best attitudes and the best work ethic and that's what counts. 
Samantha is just the most "golden" and prepared person ever. She tells us she can feel her faith growing daily when she reads and prays. She also told us that she has been given her answer that the Book of Mormon is true! I LOVE teaching her these simple truths and watching her nod her head in agreement. It's awesome!!! She is for sure getting baptized on November 12! 
Also Skylar is super excited about this weekend :) So am I!!! I love me some baptisms :) 
So for all my bountiful people I hope you know that amongst all the sad, confusing, heartbreaking times that the Savior is there. Stay grounded in that knowledge! Nothing good will come from distancing yourself from the only one who can truly heal, guide, and comfort you. I love you all! 
Well that is all :) Enjoy the pictures! Have a great week and don't forget to do the little things :) 
Love ya!!
Sister Hyde and I decided facial masks would be a good idea.......hahahaha
we should have videoed us ripping them off it was hilarious an painful
and horrible in every way

 Our awesome zone
 11 Months whoop whoop
 We found a lizard in our house :{
 We carved pumpkins to day and i guess I was feeling a little homesick 

10/17/16 Holy Craziness

Holy Smokes this week has been crazy! So much has happened :) Sister Hyde and I are crazy busy! Being busy as a missionary is awesome but it definitely makes time go faster which is kind of sad. We are now halfway done with this transfer. I'm almost a year and sister Hyde is almost a gonner...but we are enjoying everyday as if it was our last! 
So to start this off the missionaries that have been in this area before were amazing and they had a lot of cool people to teach but unfortunately those people just weren't progressing and now that sister Hyde and I are here we had to make the really hard decision to let some people go. They just aren't quite ready yet. Dropping people is the worst let me just tell ya! But this is the Lords work after all so we both knew that if we put our trust in the Lord and continued to work diligently that we would see miracles. And boy did we!! We got this referral Samantha from some of the elders. So we went over and met her, taught her the restoration and it was amazing! Then we met the next day and taught the plan of salvation and invited her to be baptized. She said yes!! Then the next lesson when we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ we extended her s date of November 12 and she is super excited!! Samantha is so prepared. She already knew all of the things we have taught her she just needed to feel the spirit, she just needed to be reminded. The best part is that the YSA Ward had a ladies night activity and she went and met everyone which made her even more excited to come to church. Turns out she actually went to highschool with a lot of the Ward members and already knew a lot of them. :) She loved church and told everyone that she was going to be baptized!!! 
But don't worry brothers and sisters there is more! There is a part member family in our family Ward. Parents are both members and so are the kids except for one because he was just waiting for permission from his birth dad to be baptized and he got it!! One night we both felt like we needed to go visit the family and when sister Harris opened the door she said "oh good! So Skylars dad said he could be baptized so you need to finish teaching him. Also my parents are coming from Utah in 3 weeks so we want him to be baptized on the 29th." We were both in shock. Hahaha best news a missionary could ever hear from a part member family. The only issue was that Skylar was going to be at his dads all next week so we would have to have his interview and finish his lessons in like 2 days.  So we taught him as much as we could and he was interviewed yesterday!! Our district leader said he was really impressed in how much Skylar knew at such a young age. (He is 10) So Skylar is set for baptism on the 29th of this month!!!!! 
I can testify that Heavenly Father really does love all his missionaries and that this is his work. 
In other news it has rained the past 2 days all day and it's the best. I am so sick of California heat lol I miss the Utah snow! Well enjoy the pictures and videos :) Sister Hyde and I are having too much fun!! Pray for Samantha and Skylar :) love you all have a great week!!! 
Sister Munk

Got to go on an exchange with Sister Kaufusi!! Love this girl;) She is doing
an awesome job training and leading the area

 Twas a good reunion :)
 Exchanges with Sister Beck:) our dreams of being companions came true for
24 hours and it was the we were just missing sister Davis #tridreams
 Love this sister
 Carmichael sisters!! Happy 4 months to sister McDonald
Oh ya also I can't even tell you in words how much I love this book READ IT
As you look to the book you look to the Lord