Monday, June 20, 2016

6/20/2016 Happy PDay

Hey everyone! I hope you have all been having a really good week :) This week for Sister Erickson and I was pretty good :) A lot of our appointments unfortunately cancelled on us this week but because we had put in a lot of time to prepare for those lessons the Lord provided and we were still able to get some lessons in this week. It truly is amazing to me how involved the Lord is in my life now that I am serving. I have been thinking about that and I have come to the conclusion that he has always been that involved I just wasn't paying attention! This work is the Lords work after all so without his help and guidance how would we be able to do his work his way? I am so beyond grateful for the guidance and direction I have been given in all aspects of missionary work! 
On Tuesday we were able to meet with our investigator Kirk and we read Ether 10-12 with him and we discussed a lot of things as we read but one main topic we focused on was faith. Faith in Jesus Christ will help us through our lives but its more than just having faith its being full of faith. Faithful in the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ no matter what. This world is not going to get any better and in the end all we are going to have is each other as families and our faith in our Savior and in his gospel. It really hit me hard thinking and pondering about that and asking myself if I am doing everything I need to be doing. There is always room for improvement ;)
In our district meeting this week we went around the room and each had the opportunity to share our testimonies of the atonement. I went last and while all the other Elders and Sisters were talking I was trying to think of when I first gained a real testimony of it. I realized that I have known about the atonement and what it was but up until my mission I didn't truly have a strong testimony of it. Not until my cousin Andrew passed away. That was when I really had to fall to my knees and pray with my whole soul to my Heavenly Father. That was the day I gained my strong, undeniable testimony of the atonement. 
I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful for it in my life. I don't know where I would be without the gospel in my life, I know I wouldn't be here on my mission! 
Kirk and Colleen are getting married in 5 days!! We are all so excited for them to make these big steps in their lives :) So happy for them!! Sorry this email is kind of scatter brained I didn't have a lot of time before now to gather my thoughts haha I love you all and hope that you can each take the opportunity to gain or strengthen your testimony of the atonement this week :) Also happy Fathers Day to all you fathers out there and especially to my goofy dad :) Thanks for always teaching me to be independent and supporting me in all that I do. I love you old man :) 
Have a great week and say your prayers!! LOVE YOU!
Sister Munk 

June 13, 2016

Hello everyone!! So I am really sorry this email is going to be lame but I am in a hurry!! Here is just a quick update! 
We are super excited for Kirk :) He is solid and is going to be interviewed this week! He is still on date for July 2nd. We had dinner with him and Colleen yesterday and after we helped them make gifts for the guests at their wedding. So fun! I love weddings!! 
We also were able to do quite a bit of service this week. We cleaned out a lady's attic and cleaned her windows with most of the zone. It was really dirty and super gross but we had fun with it! 
We also were able to meet with a less active member of our Ward name Sister Kelley. She is the best!! I seriously Love her. It has been a few years since she has been to church and so we were really happy to sit with her during sacrament :) 
The Ashton Park Ward is doing pretty well and I am happy to be serving here :) 
Love you Lots
Sister Munk

June 6, 2016

Happy June everyone! I seriously can not believe it's already
summertime :) it definitely feels like it over's so hot! And
it's only gonna get hotter....
Anyways this week was pretty great :) On Tuesday we had a great lesson
with our investigator Kirk :) He is definitely getting married on the
25th of this month and baptized on the 2nd of July. We are really
excited for him. He bore his testimony on Sunday and it was so simple
and powerful! He is an awesome guy and so is Colleen his fiancé :) I
haven't known them for a long time but I already love them! One thing
I have learned since I have been on my mission is that as I have
diligently prayed for charity towards those I meet I have been able to
better see everyone as a son or a daughter of God. You really don't
need to know someone for a long time to love them :)
On Thursday we did some service for a lady in the area. We helped her
organize some of her family history and it was so fun to hear about
all of her fun experiences growing up :) To be honest before my
mission I didn't understand or really have a testimony of family
history but we get an awesome opportunity to take an hour of our day
once a week to do our own personal family history. I'm not very good
at it but I love seeing all the pictures and reading all the fun
stories :) Family History is awesome! Go do it :)
We are also teaching a sweet lady named Tequila and so far we have not
really been able to have a sit down lesson with her but we are hoping
that soon we will :) She has 5 little kids and they are all super
cute! They kept asking us all these questions about being missionaries
and they were horrified when we said we couldn't go swimming haha
Probably the best part of this week was Saturday. I was lucky enough to go back to Rancho Cordova for the baptism of Spencer :) I was so excited to see everyone again and of course for the excellent choice Spencer made to be baptized. It was an awesome baptism! I said the opening prayer and lead the music. Sister Cundick and Sister Hyde did an awesome job doing the missionary moment and the spirit was so strong! I don't have pictures yet but I'll send them as soon as I do! :) I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week! Don't forget to read your scriptures and say your prayers :) 
Sister Munk
 It was hot so we decided to stop for a snack

The sisters (sister beck, sister sessions, and sister erickson) we were
going to do service for a little lady in our area but then she cancelled on
us so we took pictures instead ;)) 
The Cutting Family, I got to see them at the baptism.