Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy 5 Months to me!!

Ok anyways, this week was kind of a long and slow week but a lot of pretty neat things happened too :) First we had transfers so we got some new missionaries in the zone :) Plus Hermana Woodbury is training so we got a brand new roommate! Her name is Hermana Scott and she is super awesome! She is from Connecticut and loves musicals and singing hooray!!
So this week we were able to meet with Spencer and we had a really awesome lesson with him about going to church and keeping the sabbath day holy, praying often, and reading your scriptures :) CPR! Things we all need to be doing to stay alive spiritually. The spirit was really strong and he felt it! He told us that he still wanted to get baptized and that he was going to work hard so that he could. We talked to him about a date and he feels like he will be ready by June 4. It wasn't exactly what we were hoping for but hey it's better than nothing and Sister Cundick and I are hoping that we will continue to work more with him and help him see that he could be ready sooner :) But we are pretty excited about his progress and desire.
We had an experience this week that showed me how much our Heavenly Father is aware of us and loves us. So we do this thing called hour of power where for a straight hour we do some sort of finding activity that is different than what you have been doing all day. So Sister Cundick and I decided that we were going to pray for inspiration and knock an entire street and just see what happens. So we both individually prayed for guidance and then we looked at the map and the street Woodhollow stuck out to us and we both felt like that was the street we needed to knock.
So the next day we got on our bikes and we knocked every door on the street and at first we were having no success and it was hot so we were kind of bummed but then we knocked on this door and a little girl answered and her dad and brother came to the door and let us right in and we shared a really awesome message with them. It was a miracle!! We didn't get a return appointment because they said they were busy a lot but we have high hopes for the family! The best part about all of it was for weeks all I have been saying is that I want to find a family and boom! The Lord always provides! I can testify that he knows each of us individually and he cares about us so much. He wants nothing more than for us to be happy and find success. He also wants us to share that happiness and success with our fellow brothers and sisters who don't have it in their lives. I am so grateful to be a missionary! Even though it's hard and sometimes the work can be slow I know that I am here for a reason and that the Lord has people prepared for everyone of his missionaries. We get the amazing opportunity as missionaries to take a front row seat and watch the atonement at work. I love it and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else!
Have an awesome week and be safe and be smart! Follow the promptings that the Holy Ghost whispers to you and always strive to be a better disciple of Christ :) love you all!!
Sister Munk ✌🏼️

Married on a Friday Baptized on a Saturday...

Hey all :) This week was a fantastic week and full of miracles. Kevin
and Sheri got married on Friday and baptized on Saturday! It was so
stinking awesome :) The relief society put together the wedding in the
gym at the Ward building that we meet at and it looked so pretty! Her
colors were blue and white and there were tons of flowers (they were
fake but still pretty) I got to do her makeup for her wedding which
was super fun! Kevin was so nervous and he kept asking me if his tie
was straight haha what a cutie. It was fun to meet all of their family
members and friends :) The lady who did Sheri's hair was super nice
her name is Linda and she had tons of questions about the Book of
Mormon and about the gospel that sister Cundick and I were able to
answer. And she lives in our area so we are hoping to start teaching
Then the very next day they were baptized! Wahoo!! Sister Starnes,
Sister Wright, and Sister Campbell were all able to come back and be a
part of the baptism which was really awesome! The spirit at the
baptism was so strong and I'm not gonna lie I definitely cried haha
surprise, surprise. I will never forget that day and the spiritual
experience that it was :) Kevin and Sheri are so solid and have
already set the date for April 12 to be sealed in the temple and they
are really excited :)
We were able to have dinner with Sylvia this week and she is doing
awesome! Her baby is as cute as ever and she is going to be getting
visiting teachers soon so that will be good for her. Jeff was able to
come to church this week! He has been really sick and his mother in
law passed away so he has been busy. But it was perfect because Kevin
and Sheri were confirmed so he was able to reminisce his baptism and
confirmation :) Plus Jamie tagged along and she came up to us after
sacrament and asked us if we could come back with President Jardine!
Such a miracle.
Oh ya and transfers happened! Sister Cundick and I will be staying
here for another transfer!! Yippee :)
Andrew and Lanaya never came to church and we weren't able to meet
with Spencer this week. Bummer!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Much Love,
Sister Munk ✌🏼️

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Temple are a house of God

Hello everyone!!
This week was awesome :) I love General Conference so much and I hope
you all got the chance to watch or listen to it this weekend. Watching
it as a missionary was such a new experience for me and really changed
the way I listened. I loved all the talks about going to the temple
and it was perfect because all the sisters in the zone got to go to
the temple this week and it was an awesome experience. I am so blessed
and grateful to have a temple so close to me on my mission and back
home in Utah. Plus President Monson announced 4 new temples! How cool
is that?!
Ok so this week started off really slow and not a lot happened. But on
Thursday we went to the temple like I already talked about and after
that Sister Starnes, Davis, Cundick and I went to the old spaghetti
factory for lunch :) it was delicious! Right before we started eating
Sheri called us and told us that her and Kevin had finally made the
decision to be baptized the day after they get married. Sister Cundick
and I are so excited for them :) We have been going over to their
house like everyday this week helping them and the Ward plan the
wedding! It is going to be an awesome time and now an even better
weekend because they are entering the waters of baptism together!
During the morning session of conference Kevin and Sheri came to the
stake center and watched it with us. It was perfect because they were
able to see the prophet speak and they really liked what he had to
say. After conference Sheri looked at me and said we need to talk
about going to the temple. That is something I really want. I almost
started crying I was so happy :) I told them that in a year from
Saturday they can go through and be sealed and I told them I would be
there to see it! They are already really excited about going to the
temple and doing baptisms for their deceased ancestors.
The rest of our investigators are for some reason all at a stand
still. They are either to busy or stubborn but we keep praying for
them and we have faith that they will feel the Lords love for them and
come around.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Happy birthday to my cute great grandma Miles on Sunday and to Elder
VanWagoner on Friday!
Sister Munk

Engaged (NOT ME)

Hello everyone!! So this week flew by so dang fast and so much has happened :) First, HAPPY EASTER! I hope you all had a very spiritually uplifting Easter Sunday. I know I did :) 
So on Tuesday Sister Cundick and I went on exchanges with Sister Wright and Sister Lillie. I went to Carmichael and worked with Sister Lillie in the YSA ward. It was really fun and super busy! We taught 2 lessons and then biked around and did a lot of finding. Sister Lillie is really awesome and a super hard worker. We had fun and worked hard. Then we exchanged back on Wednesday and I said goodbye to Sister Wright because she is going home in 2 weeks. After that Sister Cundick and I got a text from Kevin and Sheri and it said "Hey when you get a second come take a look at what happened to our front lawn." We were super confused and the whole way biking there we were trying to guess what it could be. (I'll send a picture) Kevin and Sheri are finally getting married!!!! woohoo Sheri spray painted "MARRY ME" on the front lawn :) :) :) I am so freaking excited!!! They are going to be married at the church by the bishop on the 8th of April and then baptized a few weeks later! Best news ever! They are so happy and they keep telling everyone about their engagement haha so looks like Sister Cundick and I are planning a wedding (my dream come true) 
Thursday we had a really awesome District meeting and we set a zone and district goal for the month of April. I am really excited about April lots of awesome things are happening :) Our district goal is 5 and our zone goal is 8. Sister Cundick and I have made a goal of 3 (Kevin, Sheri, and Spencer) so it is definitely going to push us and stretch us but we know it can happen! Nothing too exciting happened the rest of the week but we did have the Mather ward party on Saturday and the weather was so awesome! We got to help hide the Easter eggs for the primary kids so that was fun :) The whole time at the party Sheri and the other women in the ward were talking about the wedding! The whole Mather ward is so excited for them!! Hooray for fellowshipping haha Saturday night we went tot he stake center with the other Sisters in the zone and watched the General Women's broadcast which was super awesome and I took lots and lots of notes :) I cant wait for conference :) I feel like it is going to be extra special watching it as a missionary because your perspective on everything is so different now (at least mine is haha) 
On Sunday we rode our bikes to church which was a fun early morning ride :)  That's what happens when you run out of miles for the month... whoops :) In the Anatolia ward the sacrament talks were amazing! (they were good in Mather too) Brad Wilcox (awesome church speaker) has a son and he is totally in the Anatolia ward and he gave on of the best talks I have ever heard in a sacrament meeting! I wish I would have recorded it haha It was all about putting away the natural man in us and looking to God for help and direction. Then after church we had a super fun dinner with the Tovar family and then we went to the Cuttings home for dessert and a lesson with Spencer. He is totally into it and progressing really well. He always has lots of good questions so it keeps us on our toes and I love it! He will hopefully be baptized soon :) He shared a cool experience he had that week. He told us that he was driving home and it was like 10:30pm so it was dark and he saw a car pulled to the side of the road with its hazards on but he kept driving because he didn't want to pull over and risk being like jumped or something (this isn't cute little btown folks haha) but he said that when he stopped at the red light like 2 miles ahead he got this feeling that he should turn around and help. So he did and he found out that the car had gotten a flat tire and the lady who owned it was pregnant and had 2 kids in the car, her phone was dead, and she didn't know how to change a tire. So he helped her and went home. He told us that when he was laying in bed that night he realized that the Holy Ghost was probably what prompted him to help her. It was so amazing to see him connect the dots and figure out how the spirit talks with him. He is awesome! 
Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you all :)
Sister Munk