Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Temple are a house of God

Hello everyone!!
This week was awesome :) I love General Conference so much and I hope
you all got the chance to watch or listen to it this weekend. Watching
it as a missionary was such a new experience for me and really changed
the way I listened. I loved all the talks about going to the temple
and it was perfect because all the sisters in the zone got to go to
the temple this week and it was an awesome experience. I am so blessed
and grateful to have a temple so close to me on my mission and back
home in Utah. Plus President Monson announced 4 new temples! How cool
is that?!
Ok so this week started off really slow and not a lot happened. But on
Thursday we went to the temple like I already talked about and after
that Sister Starnes, Davis, Cundick and I went to the old spaghetti
factory for lunch :) it was delicious! Right before we started eating
Sheri called us and told us that her and Kevin had finally made the
decision to be baptized the day after they get married. Sister Cundick
and I are so excited for them :) We have been going over to their
house like everyday this week helping them and the Ward plan the
wedding! It is going to be an awesome time and now an even better
weekend because they are entering the waters of baptism together!
During the morning session of conference Kevin and Sheri came to the
stake center and watched it with us. It was perfect because they were
able to see the prophet speak and they really liked what he had to
say. After conference Sheri looked at me and said we need to talk
about going to the temple. That is something I really want. I almost
started crying I was so happy :) I told them that in a year from
Saturday they can go through and be sealed and I told them I would be
there to see it! They are already really excited about going to the
temple and doing baptisms for their deceased ancestors.
The rest of our investigators are for some reason all at a stand
still. They are either to busy or stubborn but we keep praying for
them and we have faith that they will feel the Lords love for them and
come around.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Happy birthday to my cute great grandma Miles on Sunday and to Elder
VanWagoner on Friday!
Sister Munk

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