Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Farewell

Thank you to everyone who helped out with my farewell. It was a huge success! I feel so blessed knowing I have so many people supporting me in this big decision. Keep up with me by following my blog or by email! You can send emails to I would love to hear from you!

Harley and Aspen 

Elder and Sister Munk with soon to be Sister Harley Munk
(Maka and Baka)

Great Uncle Shledon

Cute cousins Sabine and Ellie

One of Harley's best friends Trent

 Harley and her good friend Madi
Harley and her "adopted sisters" Kensington and Karadie

Harley and her second family The Kents

Harley and Karadie

Kensington is a little tall!

 Harley and her best friend from preschool Desi
One of Harley's favorite YW leaders and her cute kids

Love these women with my whole heart!

Grandma B, Harley, and Aunt Debbie

(Trent, Desi, Madi, Nate, Trevor, Emily, Marcus, 
Karadie, Kensington,Savana, Josh, and Sarah)
Some of Harley's awesome friends from Musical at BHS came
to support her. She will miss you!

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