Thursday, August 18, 2016

8/8/16 Nana came to Church

Hey everyone!!! So this week was a really good one :) Sister Kaufusi
and I have been working on being more diligent and we have truly seem
the blessings that come from striving to be our best. So here is the
big news. We were having a lesson with Tequila and going into it we
were just frustrated because there could be no real progression with
Tequila until she gets married so we had to pray and just ask for a
miracle. When we went to teach her with a member and her daughter Nana
decided to sit in and participate. Then her daughter made the comment
that she wanted to get baptized and go to church. What?! It was
amazing!! So later this week sister Kaufusi and I went to her home and
talked to her and her mom about being baptized. Tequila gave us
permission to teach Nana and Permission for her to be baptized! So
Nana is going to be baptized August 27th!!!! Yippee :) We are so
excited! We put her on date on Saturday and she came to church the
next day for all three hours :) She is 14 so a member had to drive her
and Sister Kaufusi and I went to Sunday school and young women's with
her. She loved it and tonight we are meeting with her to have a lesson
:) After church she kept telling everyone that she is going to be
baptized on the 27th. You can tell she is super excited. Seriously it
is such a blessing and I know that our prayer for a miracle was
answered. Not in the way we thought but answered still. I know that we
have a loving Heavenly Father and that he wants the best for us. He
wants us to have success and joy and if we turn to him in all things
he will help us. For the Lord gives no commandment unto the children
of men save he shall prepare a way for them.
We also had interviews this week with President and Sister Jardine. I
love those people so much! I am pretty sure we have the most humble,
intelligent, kind and loving man in the world as a mission president.
I am so grateful for him and for his love. During our interview we
talked about how fast time is flying. I told him that I have been out
for 9 months and his time as mission president is almost up. It's hard
to believe that in a week I will hit my 9 month mark. I am so grateful
to be here and have 9 more to go! I am going to make the last half
even better than the first!
Everyone pray for Nana that she will be able to make the progress she
needs in order to enter the waters of baptism on the 27th of August!!
Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Munk

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