Thursday, August 18, 2016

8/16/2016 Transfers :))

Hey family and friends :) hope you are all just doing fabulous! This
week we had a lot of good things happen and a lot of changes :) To
start off we had some awesome lessons with our one and only
investigator Nana! She is doing really well and progressing pretty
quickly :) on Monday night we taught her the restoration and she had a
lot of really good questions. As we taught her about Jesus Christ's
ministry on the earth and then the apostasy she stopped us and said
"Thats so sad. But wait did the gospel come back?" We about died! What
a perfect transition haha when we taught her about the restoration of
the gospel you could see the spirit working with her. On Wednesday we
taught her the plan of salvation and you could see her eyes light up
when we told her she could be with God again. After we taught her the
plan of salvation we asked her how she felt about Christ's atonement
and she said it made her feel happy and hopeful. Her responses really
stuck with me. In our crazy, fast moving world it's almost like people
are too busy for Christ, to busy to listen to him to accept him. It
amazes me that when people just stop, take a moment and listen the
spirit jumps in and does his job. Nana had some sort of hope that the
gospel and been brought back and knowing she had a savior who died for
her made her happy and gave her hope. Hope is what we need today. In
preach my gospel it says this about hope. "When you have hope, you
work through trials and difficulties with the confidence and assurance
that all things will work together for your good. Hope helps you
conquer discouragement. The scriptures often describe hope in Jesus
Christ as the assurance that you will inherit eternal life in the
celestial kingdom." I know we all go through different things that are
hard and almost impossible to overcome but if we can rely on our
savior and have hope, we will be able to work through our trials with
the assurance that all things will work out for our good. We have so
many people on our side cheering us on so keep going, endure!
Anyways, the rest of the week went swell :) sister Kaufusi and I were
able to attend the 5 week new missionary meeting (it's hard to believe
it's been 7 weeks...) the meeting was really good and we learned a lot
about finding and teaching. Then we washed our car at our bishops
house haha we have like the greatest bishop in the world :)
A lot of things changed this transfer! Sister Kaufusi and I are
staying together woohoo!!! Sister Beck is leaving us :( I am gonna
miss that girl!! Hermana Stevens is home! What the?! Everyone is
leaving!!! Lol Sister Kaufusi and are super excited to be staying
together because we have the same birthday and we will be together for
it!! Isn't that crazy?!? Both of us were born September 25, 1996. We
are TWINS!! The Lord knew if he put us in the same families our poor
parents would go crazy so he had to separate us lol #weareahotmess
Well I hope that everyone has an awesome week! Read your scriptures,
say your prayers, share the gospel with someone :) ya know all that
good stuff! Oh and pray for Nana she is on date for the 27th :)
Love you lots!
Sister Munk
Get ready for a picture overload!!!

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