Wednesday, September 28, 2016

8-22-2016 HALFWAY

Dear Family and Friends,
I have to first start off by saying thank you so so much to everyone
who sent me "happy halfway" emails! I was so grateful to receive all
the love :) it is good to know that I have so many amazing people
rooting for me.
It's so crazy to think that it has been 9 months already. I know I say
this like every email but time is flying! Haha I have never been so
exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and HAPPY all at the same time in my
entire life! I am so grateful to be a missionary and especially to be
here in the greatest mission on earth! ;)
So to start off here is a recap of our week:
Wednesday: I woke up with a pretty bad migraine. This heat is killin
me lol So I just took meds and rested for a few hours. Talk about
annoying! There is nothing worse than being sick on your mission haha
but by the time is was dinner time I was feeling good enough to go to
the stake transfer dinner. It was fun! We ate at the church with the
rest of the zone and got to meet the stake leaders. Then we went and
had an awesome lesson with Nana :) Seriously the spirit was so strong
and you could see the light in her eyes as we testified.
Thursday: I HIT NINE MONTHS YOU GUYS. WHAT THE!? We had a pretty
normal day, doing our usual missionary stuff. For dinner we went to a
super nice pizza and pasta place and stuffed our faces :) then we
biked for the rest of the night and both regretted eating so much
hahaha I got to open the funniest package of my life from my crazy
family :)
Friday: Had another amazing lesson with Nana and as we taught her she
kept nodding her head because she knew it was true. She was so excited
for her baptism and couldn't wait.
Saturday: Today we were supposed to have Nana's baptismal interview
but instead we got texts from Nana saying she couldn't get baptized
and she didn't feel ready. She said she wanted to wait a few
years..... Talk about a shock. Sister Kaufusi and I hurried over to
her home and tried to talk with her but she was just so upset and
scared. It was horrible! She kept saying I can't. I can't. Then after
she calmed down we told her maybe a priesthood blessing would help and
she said maybe later and went inside. So sister Kaufusi and I walked
back to the car and by the time we got there we were just so sad and
crying and it was horrible.
So pray for Nana. We haven't heard anything from her yet :( Satan is
working really hard on her and she needs all the prayers she can get!
Although this week didn't end how we thought it would or how we
expected it to I know that the Lord is here on our side helping us
along the way. We were able to go to an amazing fireside last night.
It was a lady telling us her story. She was a little girl in
Cokeville, Wyoming when her elementary school was taken hostage my a
man and his wife and a bomb. She told us her experience and how she
knows that angels and the lord were very much apart of the miracles
that happened that day. For those of you who don't know that story
look up the Cokeville miracle it's a movie. Anyways as she talked I
couldn't help but think how blessed we all are to have the knowledge
that we are never alone. That God knows us and loves each of us
perfectly. It truly is such a comforting thing to know. Well I hope
you all have a fabulous week and go about doing good:) love you all!!
Sister Harley Munk

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