Wednesday, September 28, 2016

9/12/2016 Zone Conference and our new roommates

This week we had an awesome zone conference! It was really fun to see
some old rancho friends and to hear our mission president, his wife,
and the AP's give us trainings. The theme of the training was A worth
of a soul. President Jardine started off by telling us a story about a
young girl from Texas who fell into a small well and was stuck there
for 2 days. (I don't remember when it happened but it was a while ago)
He talked about how so many people from all over the country came
together in prayer for this little girl. The worth of just one single
soul is great in the sight of God. The rest of the trainings were
really good! I love being able to just sit there and be spiritually
fed :) I learned a lot about how I can improve as a missionary and how
to use Facebook more effectively. It's super weird having Facebook and
being able to use it again haha I always feel so weird getting on it
but as other missionaries have used it and shared cool stories I have
gotten used to the idea of using Facebook. The lords work is hastening
and its hastening fast! Facebook along with any other social media
site, if used correctly and according to the spirit, can be a really
effective tool.
So other than zone conference nothing really happened. Oh ya except
that sister Kaufusi and I had to move due to some...issues in our last
apartment. So now we live with the Hermanas!! Hermana Nokes and
Hermana Vergary. It is so fun living with sisters again :) The only
bummer is that the house we live in now is kind of far away from our
area so we have to travel a lot so that's kind of a bummer but it's
just temporary for the rest of the transfer (2 weeks) until they can
find us somewhere to stay that is closer.
Anyways that's pretty much our week in a nutshell :) oh ya and sister
Alicia Kelley is still doing awesome! Pray for sister Kaufusi and I!!
We need some new investigators haha Well I love you all and hope you
have a fabulous week :)
Sister Harley Munk
Got to see Sister Boria at zone training!! Love her 😀

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