Wednesday, September 28, 2016

9/5/16 Alicia's BACK!!

Happy September everyone! I can't even tell you how excited I am that
August is over haha talk about a loonnngggg month. So many good things
are going to happen this month I can feel it! Plus I turn 20 so I'm
pretty excited about that :) This week was a pretty good one even
though not much happened. I have been working on being more focused
this week and having a better more positive attitude. Sometimes it's
really hard to be happy when people are rude or to think positively
when all your appointments cancel but....I have realized that when my
mission comes to an end and I look back at all the memories I am not
going to remember the hard days. I am going to remember the amazing
miraculous things. The awesome Ward members who do their best at
sharing the gospel. The incredible investigators I get to meet and
love and teach. The insanely spiritual meetings and trainings. And of
course the coolest missionaries in the world who I get to serve with
and around everyday. I am so lucky to be a part of the great and
marvelous work of the Lord. :) Seriously missions rock.
So to recap this week on Tuesday we had an awesome lesson with a
returning less active Sister Alicia Kelley. Alicia is one of my
favorite people in the world. She has been through so much and has had
some really hard things happen in her life that caused her to slip
away. The way she explains it is that she got complacent and too
comfortable until next thing she knew she was inactive. I was lucky
enough to be transferred into this area when she decided she needed
help so she could come back. Alicia asked us to go over all the
missionary lessons with her so that she could regain what she once
had. I LOVE teaching her! She sees the joy and guidance that the
gospel brings her. At first she was super nervous about coming to
church so we started small and she came to sacrament and left. Then
eventually she came and stayed for 2 hours. Baby steps :) But ladies
and gents this Sunday she stayed all three hours and she bore her
testimony! It was crazy and amazing :) After church she jokingly said
me to "I'm back! No one can stop me now!" Hahaha she is on fire and I
am so proud of her!!
We also had a really good lesson with our recent convert Kirk :) we
are working with him so that he can start passing the sacrament but
those darn white shirts and ties....stubborn man. Anyways he is
excited about starting some family history so he can take a family
name to the temple to do baptisms :)
Wednesday nothing really happened...
Thursday we had an awesome zone/district meeting :) it's a weird
situation because our zone leaders are also our district leaders and
they are training! But it was all about having a positive attitude,
hence me trying to work on it, and we decided that whenever we would
complain to each other we would just tell each other to shake it off!
Friday and Saturday we went on exchanges with our sister training
leaders. I went to Carmichael stake and worked with my home girl
Sister Christoffersen :) I seriously love her!! We had too much fun
working with the YSA people. (I super want to do ysa its so fun!)
Sister Kaufusi stayed here in east sad with sister Hyde and they
worked hard and had fun too :)
Well that's pretty much it :) Hope you all have a fantastic week! Go
share the gospel with someone!!
Sister Harley Munk

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