Wednesday, September 28, 2016

8/29/2016 Facebook and Elder Hallstrom

Man where to start... Ok so some exciting things are happening over
here in Sacramento California! FACEBOOK! Yep that's right we are now
allowed to proselyte via Facebook. I am so excited to use this new
tool that the Lord has entrusted us with to hasten His work. As
preparation for this our mission has been cracking down on what we
call safeguards for using technology. Every morning we read from a
pamphlet called safeguards and it talks about how we can use
technology in a righteous way. It gives 4 specific things that will
safeguard us from temptation or from misusing this technology. 1. Be
in tune with spiritual promptings 2. Be focused on your missionary
purpose 3. Be disciplined 4. Be one
There is a promise that we are given if we follow these safeguards.
"As you learn to live these safeguards instinctively, you will become
a more effective instrument in the Lord's hands, and you will unlock
the door to blessings in your life and in the lives of those you
The reason I felt like I should bring this up is because these
safeguards can be applied in everyone's lives not just missionaries.
Think for a second about how much time you spend on social media.
(Scary huh?) Now think about how much time you spend doing missionary
work. Now think about how easy and awesome it is to combine the two!
You already spend so much time on social media you might as well use
it in a way that can bless someone's life or bring them closer to
Christ. So I just want to extend to each of you an invitation :) I
want to challenge each of you to think about how you can use
technology to become a more effective instrument in the lives of those
you come in contact with. Whether it's the things you post, share or
comment. Social media is powerful and it can be used in so many good
ways. Let's come together as members of the gospel of Jesus Christ, or
just as good people in general, and flood the world with the light of
Christ, of hope, and of peace.
I truly believe that Facebook is a wonderful tool that we have been
given here in the Sacramento mission. We are going to be able to reach
so many more people by using it! But it is going to take some serious
discipline :) so I am going to need all your help! Make sure that you
continue only communicating with me only through emails :) Also don't
tag me in any posts or pictures unless it is something you feel like
my investigators, mission president, and Ward members would benefit
Alrighty now onto the rest of the week!
Sister Kaufusi's bike was giving us problems this week and so we spent
most of Tuesday trying to fix it and part of Wednesday because it
still wasn't working hahaha stupid bikes! But we have an awesome Ward
here and they jumped in and helped us out! We still haven't heard from
Nana yet but we are hoping to go visit her this week so stay tuned and
don't stop praying for her :)
Thursday we weekly planned and did a lot of finding :) we also did
service for a lady and she gave us some solid marriage and dating
advice lol
Friday we had a zone training on Facebook and had lunch with the
President and Sister Jardine :)
On Saturday we spent 2 hours cleaning up our Facebook profiles... 2
hours and it still wasn't enough time lol
We also had the amazing opportunity to hear from Elder Hallstrom
(president of the 70) during our stake conference. It was awesome! He
gave great talks about the Lord hastening his work and about the
spirit. He told us about his experiences working closely with the 12
apostles and also the first presidency of the church. It made me so
grateful for all of those men. I am so glad I get the opportunity to
sustain them and follow their guidance. I was definitely spiritually
fed! Sister Kaufusi and I had the opportunity to shake his hand and
talk with him for a minute and it's incredible how much love that man
has for everyone. It was a good week! I am excited for another good
one :) Thanks for all you do and for who you are.
Sister Harley Munk

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