Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Zone Conference and RAIN...

Hello everyone!! 
This week has been a rainy rainy week! Sister Cundick and I have been so grateful that we have a car because it has been pouring all week and the wind has been crazy! But that's what happens when you have an entire state praying for rain I guess. Haha hopefully the rain clears up soon so we can bike some more :) 
On Tuesday Sister Cundick had her 2 week new missionary meeting and President Jardine gave a training and it was really good :) All about obedience and how when we are exactly obedient we will see blessings and miracles. On Wednesday I had my first experience waxing a car which I'm sure was hilarious to watch because I had no idea what I was doing and neither did Sister Cundick. I just kept thinking of Karate kid... Wax on wax off! It ended up pretty shiny after so yay! We had to wax it because we had my very first zone conference and they have to check your cars and the cleanest cars get prizes! The zone conference was awesome!! I got to see Hermana Stevens :) President and Sister Jardine gave us some trainings about prayer and how powerful it can be. Something that I am going to work on is listening after I pray. Just staying there on my knees and listening for the spirit. Usually I just get caught up with the rush of the day and I say "amen" and get on my way but prayer is a 2 way conversation between us and our father in heaven so we need to listen. Then we broke off and had a training on using our iPads while teaching. It really is such a blessing to have iPads on the mission. It is so nice to be able to show people videos right on the spot or search a scripture or talk quickly. We are blessed! Then we met with the APs (Assistants to the President) they gave a training on using the Book of Mormon to answer questions. The musical Book of Mormon has been playing here in downtown Sacramento so a lot of people are becoming aware of us Mormons. Even though the musical is not exactly promoting the church in a good way the musical is sparking a lot of people's interest. We have had elders at the doors of the theater passing out Books of Mormon and saying "The book is always better than the show. Read it!" Haha I think it's awesome! So our mission president has been making a big push for us as missionaries to really be familiar with the Book of Mormon so that we will be better prepared to answer questions that people may have. I love the Book of Mormon so much! If you haven't read it and prayed about it then do it!! (Moroni 10:3-5) The rest of the conference was awesome and super spiritually uplifting as always. Thursday was Sister Cundicks 1 month mark! So to celebrate we got chocolate malts from the Habit :) We also got a new investigator who has been taught most of the lessons from missionaries in her previous area and totally wants to be baptized :) hooray!! Also the craziest thing happened on Saturday! So some the sisters in our zone had a baptism on Saturday and we really wanted to bring Sylvia so that she could start getting excited about being baptized. (She has been on date for the 19th since the beginning of this month) So she came and loved it and we asked her if afterwards we could have a lesson with her because your supposed to have their baptism interview done a week before their baptism so that they can announce it at church but we still had to teach the law of chastity, word of wisdom, and tithing so we went for it and taught her a simplified version of all three after the baptism and she totally knew it already! She just kept saying "Ya I get it I can do that easy. No problem!" So after we committed her to live those three things she was ready to be interviewed and she passed!! Woohoo so Sylvia is going to be baptized on Saturday at 2:00!!!! I am so excited :) I love her and can't wait for her :) 
I hope you all had a great week and I hope you have an even better week this week! Love you all!! 
Oh ya and happy birthday shout out to my cute cousin Emma and Stockton and Link! Love you :) Thanks for all the prayers I have been feeling a lot better :) 
Sister Munk

 Going out to lunch with the Sisters
(Sis Boria, Kirby, ME, Starnes, Cundick, Woodbury, Zaugg, and Davis)
A member in our ward has a LEGIT real EMMY.
What...?/ We would like to thank our families
and our Heavenly Father for all our support. Hahaha

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