Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sister Cundick

Hey everyone!! 
So this week has been a rather interesting week definitely a roller coaster kind of week. It started off with transfers and as most of you know I am training but our new missionaries didn't get here until Wednesday so Sister Starnes and I stayed together until then. That also meant that until Wednesday we were covering Anatolia, Mather, and Goethe Park Ward. It was kind of crazy! I did get to eat dinner with a family friend who lives in the Goethe Park Ward though so that was fun :) On Wednesday morning we woke up and I was so freaking nervous! When we got to the mission office President and Sister Jardine explained that picking who would be trainers was the first thing they did and they did it prayerfully so it made me feel better knowing that Heavenly Father chose me to do this which means that he will help me do this. Then all the cute new missionaries walked in (7 Sisters and only 2 Elders...we are taking over!!) then one by one President Jardine read their transfer calls and we met our trainees :) So I am training Sister Cundick :) She is from Herriman, Utah and she is such a sweetheart. She went to a semester at UVU before her mission and she has two brothers and a sister. Her hobbies include painting nails, hanging out with her 4 best friends and dancing. She really is such a cutie and she is super ready to work hard and baptize!! Her first day we got on our bikes and did some street contacting and read the Book of Mormon with Kevin and Sheri. Then we tried a bunch of potentials (with no success) so we decided to try some less actives (with no success) hahaha poor girl her first day and no one wanted to listen to us. The whole week has been so slow because literally no one will listen or even open their doors. Unfortunately the rest of the week was also a crazy roller coaster with one of our investigators named Mary. We had a really good lesson with her and we put her on date for March 26th. She was really excited about it and couldn't wait. Then we find out that she freaking lives with her boyfriend who happens to be a less active member. Ugh! So assuming that he knew she couldn't be baptized until they were married or he moved out we made an appointment with her for Sunday night and we were going to teach the law of chastity. Woohoo. They came to church together and loved it (keep in mind that this was our third lesson so her and her second time at church) after the Mather Ward we had Ward council for Anatolia and then sacrament. (We are at church typically from 7:30-4:00 every Sunday!) During sacrament Bishop Fink from the Mather Ward texted us and said I need to meet with you Asap come to my office. So we did and he explained to us that he met with Mary and her boyfriend and told them that she couldn't be baptized until she was married and then some other things as well and it ended badly and they left upset and probably weren't going to want to meet with us again. Awesome right? So we texted her and asked her if we were still good to meet and we got like a 6 page text back about how they had no idea they had to be married and they had no intention of being married for at least a year. So she dropped us :( It was so sad and I was super frustrated but then we had an awesome lesson with Spencer and we put him on date for March 26 and he said yes! He lives in a home all alone :) hooray!!! 
All week I have been thinking of the scripture in 2Nephi 31:20 especially the part that says press forward with a steadfastness in Christ. Nothing is worse than a slow, long, unsuccessful day but I have really tried to keep pressing forward having faith that someone will listen. Then I decided maybe instead of being so annoyed that no one is interested I should focus on the good things that are happening and this is what I came up with. 
Mather: Silvia wants to be baptized all we have to do is meet with her and teach her everything 
We just met Edith and she is really cool and semi interested 
Anatolia: Spencer is on date!! 
The Ward is praying for someone to teach
Life: I am healthy and my family is healthy and awesome 
Sister Starnes is still in my zone so we get to party on PDAY 
Sister Cundick is super sweet and a fabulous teacher already 
See there are plenty of things! I challenge all of you who read this (if anyone even does besides my mom) to sit down and make a list of the good things and focus on them instead of focusing and worrying about the bad. Well I love you all and hope you have an awesome weekend :) 
Keep Spencer and Silvia in your prayers!! 
Love you lots!
Sister Munk
Tender mercies from the Sacramento Ward members.
We love getting txts or pics from them.
We are so thankful to how kind they are to our

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