Friday, February 26, 2016

Transfer #2

Holy Moly it has been the craziest week of my entire life! I have so much I want to tell you all but I don't have enough time so I will do my best. Here it goes. 
So Tuesday Sister Starnes went to a funeral for one of the senior missionaries who served in this mission. He had cancer and passed away last week. She got to go because she served in the same ward as he did. Anyways so while she was at the funeral I got to work with Sister Boria who is a brand spankin new missionary from a place called Kiribati it's a little island. She is really cute and her English is getting really good! We did tons of finding and visited lots of members. It was fun but also stressful because she is really shy and quiet so I did most of the talking which lets be real I usually do anyways haha the rest of the day was pretty good and uneventful. 
Wednesday was when the madness began. We were doing our studies and all of sudden screamed for the Hermanas and they all ran in and I just sat there confused. What had happened was as she was studying she found a freaking bed bug on her blanket! So we searched her bed for more and couldn't find any. Then we searched my bed and nothing but when the Hermanas searched their beds they found like three. It was nasty! So we called the mission office and they told us we had to wash every piece of clothing, bedding, towels, everything! Then we had to vacuum our entire house and pack up all of our food and leave while our apartment got bug bombed. It was so dumb! 
Thursday was my 3 month mark!!!!!! Hooray time is flying :) Thursday wasn't too bad except for the morning when we had to move everything back into our apartment and finish laundry. We had our last district meeting of the transfer and we went to lunch as a zone :) it was really fun! 
Friday nothing important happened. 
Saturday was transfer day and he whole day I was so nervous and anxious about transfer calls! We worked hard all day and even taught a lesson to a new investigator we found her name is Mary. She is awesome and really wants to be baptized!! Yippee :) then around 7:30 we got a call from President Jardine. Usually for transfers if President calls you instead of the zone leader something is happening so we were nervous. So here is the big news of the week. Hermana Stevens is leaving to north Sac to be an STL and to train. Hermana Woodbury is staying and getting a new comp. Sister Starnes is being transferred to the Goethe Park Ward and she is training!! And I am staying in the Mather and Anatolia wards and I am also training!!! I am so nervous and excited! When president asked me how I felt I said I feel terrified and he just laughed and said good haha I am really sad that Sister Starnes is leaving because I love that girl but the good news is we will be in the same zone still so we will be able to see each other a lot! So on Wednesday I get to meet my trainee! I am super excited to meet her and teach her everything I know which is not much I have only 3 months of experience but I know that the Lord knows I can do it and trusts me enough so I have faith it will all work out! :) Please pray for me and my new trainee we will need it haha 
I know this was way long sorry everyone! I can't wait to tell you all about the new girl! Have a great week and remember that God knows us and doesn't give us things we can't handle! You can do all things through Christ. Love you! 
Sister Munk ❤️
Ps. Congrats to Sister Evie Jensen on her mission call!! You will rock it girl :)

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