Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Taiti got Baptized

Hello everyone :) 
So this week was a really good one! It started off with interviews with President Jardine and Sister Jardine. They went really well! My mission president is the best! In my interview he told me that it was refreshing to meet with a sister who was "real" and honest. Haha sometimes too honest.... Oh well :) Then we went to the food bank and did some service! We do a lot of service in this mission and I love it. It is a really good way to meet people and it has opened my eyes to how blessed and fortunate I am. You should all go find the closest food bank or something and volunteer! Anyways, I'm not sure if I already told y'all this but on Sunday this lady just showed up to church and asked if we could say a prayer with her. She ended up staying for most of church and loved it. So this week we dropped by her house to see her again and teach her. She is the sweetest lady and she is hilarious! Her 11 year old daughter is on Americas Got Talent you guys!! Apparently she can sing so I will have to find out her name and you will have to let me know if that is a real thing. You never know out here people are crazy. We went on a blitz with our district leaders and they met a man who claimed to be Jesus Christ....like I said people are crazy. 
My favorite part of the week was being able to use my talent while doing missionary work! I was able to give Jamie a haircut (Jeffs wife) it was just a trim but it allowed us to get to know her better and we even slipped in some church talk haha I also gave the hermanas that we live with trims and Sister Starnes a trim. Fun stuff!! The more I have gotten to know Sister Starnes the more I have realized that we are the same person. It's creepy. Lol for example the other day we heard something and looked at each other and at the same time we both busted out into the same song. We do it all the time! You know your good friends when you just look at each other and know what each other is thinking. Love her!! 
Oh ya and..... TAITI GOT BAPTIZED!!! That is #2 for me not that I'm counting or anything. Her baptism was so awesome and she is Tongan so literally everyone she knew or was related to was there. It was so sweet! She has Autism in fact the exact thing Hayden has but she is lower functioning. She was so happy and excited and she looked so darn cute! She really does have the sweetest spirit about her and I am so glad she chose to follow her family's example and her savior so example to be baptized. She didn't need to be baptized because she technically isn't accountable mentally but she wanted to and that is the best part about all of it. She really really wanted to. :) 
This week ended with Stake Conference. The talks were all awesome and based on two main topics. First was Keeping the sabbath day holy. That seems to be a huge push right now! Second was temple and family history work. If y'all haven't participated in doing temple work for ancestors what the heck are you even doing with your life?? You have people on the other side of the veil just sitting there waiting for YOU to help them achieve exaltation. Go do it!! 
I love you and miss you all! Hope you have a fantastic week :) hope you enjoy the pictures!! 
Ps. Happy Birthday Shout out to Uncle Jason, Aunt Kimber, and little Leighton love you guys!!! 
Sister Munk 👊🏻

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