Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bike Crash

Hey everyone :)

So this week has been quite an adventure! This week started with a
minor bike accident...but don't worry we are both ok! 
Here is the story.
We were riding our bikes to Kevin and Sheri's house and on the way we
saw these two ladies so we rode up to them and started talking to
them. They cut us off and told us they weren't interested so we rode
on and here in California the curbs are called soft shoulder curbs and
so you can just ride right onto the sidewalk and we always do but it
had been raining a ton earlier and there was mud everywhere. I don't
know how it happened, maybe it was the angle..., I don't know! But we
simultaneously rode up and our bikes skidded out from under us and we
went sliding face first on the sidewalk. Sister Starnes hit her head/
face hard and has a bruise on her chin and banged up her knee really
bad and all her fingers got bloody and cut. I stopped my self from
hitting my face with my arm and hurt my wrist and hit my head really
hard. I also hurt my knee but not as bad as Sister Starnes. The best
part of the story is that the ladies definitely saw us and walked the
other way. They didn't even help us!! So we both just payed there for
a second in shock and embarrassment. Then my wrist started to throb
and Sister Starnes started crying and then I started crying. We are a
mess hahaha we called the Hermanas that we live with came and got us
and took us home. We called the nurse and my wrist is just sprained so
no worries :)
I also witnessed my first legit drug deal in the park. It was in the
richer part of my mission too! I have to constantly remind Sister
Starnes that I have lived in the bountiful bubble my whole life so I
don't know things that happen in the ghetto part of town. Haha she
asked me what the ghetto part of bountiful was and I laughed and said
there isn't one! I love bountiful :)
Also we had a miracle on Sunday! A lady just walked into the church
building because something told her that she needed to. She told us
that she was going through a hard time and needed something in her
life. We prayed with her and she actually stayed for sacrament and
gospel principles. She cried the whole time and told us that she felt
so good. She was the sweetest and most sincere lady in the universe so
hopefully we will be able to teach her and baptize her :)
Taiti is getting baptized on the 30!! She is super excited and so are
we! And Kevin came to church with Sheri. He has come lots before but
it was her first time and she loved it :) it was a really good week.
Sister Starnes and I are getting along really well! We are really good
friends and we teach in unison which is great :) We are working hard
and patiently waiting for some more miracles!! I love you all and hope
you have a good week!
Enjoy the pictures :)
Love Sister Munk ✌

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