Monday, January 4, 2016

Rats, Weed and Happy New Year!!

How is that for a fun subject line??

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I can't believe it is 2016 already. Mission time
flies people! My month 2 mark is coming up and it is so weird to think
about. I feel like I just got here like last week. Crazy! I hope
everyone had a safe and happy New Years! Don't worry we were safe and
inside our apartments early :) this new year is going to be a really
good one I can feel it! My New Years resolutions are to stop drinking
soda and to finish reading through and studying PMG. If you don't know
what Preach My Gospel is find out and go get one even if you aren't
going on a mission. It is an awesome study book :)
Ok now I should explain the subject line haha so one of the Hermanas
we live with brought this plastic rat with her don't ask me why....
Anyway and we have been hiding it in random places (I think I have
already told you about him) His name is Ralph haha so Saturday night
we got home and went to our room to start planning and I opened the
door and Ralph came flying into my face! They attached him to a string
so when you opened the door he would fall in front of you hahaha it
was really funny and totally caught us both off guard.
I don't remember what night it was but we came home around 9:00pm to
start planning and the second we walked into our apartment the smell
of weed hit us in the face. Like really bad strong weed. It was
disgusting. It was so bad that we thought someone was in our apartment
smoking it or something so we called the Hermanas and they came home
and we started investigating. We never figured out where the smell was
coming from (we think it was the people underneath us) it lasted all
night long and by the morning time it was almost gone. I totally got a
headache and my companion was worried we were going to get high! Lol
we didn't though don't worry! Funny stuff happens when you live in
ghetto apartments in the ghetto part of Sacramento! :)
Well I don't have much time but I promise my next letter will be
better! I love you all and hope you have a good week and a good new
Love Sister Munk

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