Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28th 2015

Hello! I'm sorry my subjects are so lame hahaha
Anyways not a lot has happened since Christmas so I'll just update you
all on our investigators
He is awesome. Like the most prepared person ever. He came to church
on Sunday for all 3 hours :) we don't know his last name yet.... Lol
but he is going to be baptized January 9th!!!!
Jeffs wife. She is really sweet but not quite ready for baptism. She
wants to learn more and follow her husband soon but not yet... She is
really shy and hard to understand because she has no teeth but we love
her anyways.
Kevin and Sheri
They have been taught all the lessons they just need to stop smoking
and get married. Which is frustrating because they know they need to
but because of financial issues they can't for a while. They are
hilarious and call me Munk and they always tell me that they are
starting to like me more Haha the first day I met them they told me
they didn't like me so I told them well just wait you will! They
laughed and told me they would try and now they do!! Sheri reminds me
a lot of Kit Hunt which obviously means she is the BOMB .com.
She is 11 and has autism. She is getting baptized on January 30th. She
is the cutest thing ever!!
Andrew and Lanaya
They are doing well but we can't meet with them for two more weeks and
in mission time that is a long time. So hopefully they are still doing
well by then!
I love you all and pray for my family and ward family and Bountiful
friends every night. Hope you have fun and enjoy the snow! Happy NEW
My New Years resolution is to eat healthy. (You guys I have already
gained like 5 lbs) we have to eat the food made for us so it isn't my
fault!! Haha
Love you all!!
Sister Munk

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