Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!! 
Thank you so much for the sweet cards and
gifts :) I feel very blessed!!! I had a really awesome Christmas Eve
and I am having a great Christmas so far!! I got to Skype my family
which was amazing and so fun :) I sent a lot of pics so go check out
my blog! I am seriously just loving it here and doing missionary work
24/7 is the best. Everyone should go check out the A Savior Is Born
video that the church put out for Christmas. It is an awesome video
and we show it to everyone we meet. Challenge to everyone! Keep Jesus
Christ the center of your Christmas! Presents are fun and being with
family is great, but the reason we have Christmas is to celebrate the
birth of our Savior and it is easy to get distracted this time of year
but try it!! I promise that as you focus on the Savior this year you
will be blessed and happy :) I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous
Christ centered Christmas! Thanks to the Foxboro 5th ward for the
Christmas package it was so fun :) keep emailing me I love to here
from all of you :) remember Jesus Loves you and the church is true :)
Love Sister Munk!
Me, Sister Wright, Sister Briggs and Sister Polatis
WHAT....a month already
Dad this is for you (Statue of Liberty)
Black Santa (everyone is obsessed with Black Santa)
Cutest Companions EVER!!

 Christmas Morning in our apartment
with a yummy breakfast then I got to Skype
my family.

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