Monday, December 14, 2015

There is POWER in PRAYER

Hello all!! This week flew by like crazy :) So where to start off.....
Tuesday! During our morning studying we both prayed really hard to find some new investigators maybe even a family. (We had been praying for this for a while) So after studying we got on our bikes and started to find some people. After being shut down like 4 or 5 times we met this Armenian girl named Lala... she was really nice and friendly and we ended up talking to her about the entire restoration and the Book of Mormon. We set up an appointment to meet with her again which she later cancelled but hey! We found someone and sometimes even if we never see them again we at least planted a seed of faith in her. Who knows what will happen with her but as missionaries sometimes that is all we can do. Also our investigator Jeff who we met the day Andrew died is amazing!!! We put him on date to be baptized January 9th :) When we taught him the word of wisdom he told us that he wasn't going to let anything stop him from getting baptized! SO COOL! His wife is not progressing as quickly which is totally ok because the gospel can be taught at any pace. She is new to the whole religion thing anyways but I have faith that Sister Wright and I are going to be able to help her gain her own testimony!! Pray for Jeff that he will be able to stop smoking and reach his goal of reading the entire Book of Mormon by January 9th. ( He is already half way through Mosiah so I am sure he will be able to do it!) Sister Wright and I keep joking that the rest of my mission is only going to get worse because it really can't get any better! All of our investigators are progressing and we have 4 baptisms scheduled for JAN. FOUR PEOPLE! ahhh miracles! But honestly it isn't anything that Sister Wright and I are doing. It is all Heavenly Father we are just his mouth pieces and messengers. I truly believe that because of the prayers that we say and the faith that we have that our prayers will be answered God is blessing us with people who are prepared to hear our messages. 
The Mather ward RS party was Tuesday night and at the last minute they asked me to sing Oh Holy Night so I did and it wasn't the best at all but the spirit was so strong! It was awesome :) I decided that there is no better time to teach people about the gospel than during Christmas time! At night when its dark and cold (well 50 degrees ;) ) Sister Wright and I go from door to door and carol and then leave a message with them. Most of the time we never get a return appointment but at least we are able to use music to share our testimonies and messages! We have only had the door shut on us while we were singing twice hahaha who does that?!? Oh ya!!! So biggest MIRACLE ever! After the party we were pretty much just driving around aimlessly trying to decide where to go and then we saw someone and both of us had the feeling we needed to go talk to them. It was a young guy and his girlfriend. We went up to him and he told us his name was Andrew (not kidding) and that his grandfather was a bishop for the Mormon church and he had just passed away... he told us that he was really close to him and his passing was making him rethink everything. He really wanted us to come back and thanked us for talking to him. We are meeting with him on Friday and I am seriously so excited to talk to him!! Anyways mission life is great and I am loving it! I have smelled weed for the first time so that was fun... haha we are kind of in the ghetto so as soon as it gets dark we drive in our car because it is to sketch to ride our bikes but don't worry!!! We are safe hahahaha Sorry I don't have much time left but I love you all :) Send me Christmas letters :) Have a Happy Christmas and remember to keep it Christ centered because what kind of missionary would I be if I didn't say that.... LOVE YOU!

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