Thursday, January 14, 2016

Baptism & a Transfer

Jeff got baptized!!!!! It was a struggle and a rocky journey for him

but he made it and he was baptized. It was an amazing feeling knowing
that the Lord used ME to help Jeff. His wife and friend came to the
baptism along with Ward members and President and Sister Jardine. Some
of the Missionaries in our zone even came and brought their
investigators. The only issue was that he got baptized right after
they finished up with stake baptisms for the 8 year olds so the water
was really low hahaha and he is a taller guy so when Bishop Fink
baptized him they had to really dunk him under lol but he was so happy
afterwards and you could see a change of light in his eyes and
demeanor. He bore his testimony and it was powerful :) I really hope
and pray that we can start working with Jamie his wife because they
HAVE to get married in the temple!!!! Anyways it was a cool experience
and he got the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday during sacrament and
tons of the Ward members welcomed him to the Ward and were really nice
to him. It is things like that and people like Jeff that keep me out
here. It's hard and exhausting and stressful and I have learned a lot
about myself.  But seeing Jeff get baptized was amazing and I want
that again for someone else. I keep thinking back to my farewell talk
"finding the one" and there is no doubt in my mind Jeff was the "one"
I was supposed to find. There will hopefully be more though but if
there aren't I found Jeff and that is perfectly ok.
Also I got transferred. President Jardine felt like I was doing well
enough to end my 12 week training early at 6 weeks..... LOL I still
have zero idea what I am doing. My new companion is Sister Starnes.
She is from North Carolina and she is 23. She has been on her mission
for 13 months. She has an awesome little accent and she is super
sweet. I am not only done being trained but I am leading the area.
Basically that means that Sister Starnes has never ever been to this
part of the mission and I have to take the lead. The only problem is I
am challenged hard core when it comes to directions.... So let's just
say there has been a whole lot of praying and praying for help. I have
never been this stressed or exhausted in my life hahaha thank goodness
Sister Starnes is patient and kind. Miss you guys and love you lots!!

Have a good rest of the week :)

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