Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy 2 months to me!!

Hello everyone!! This week has flown by so fast and it has been awesome :) Just to clarify I guess I technically didn't get transferred because I am in the same area but I got a new companion who was transferred here. Her name is Sister Starnes. She is seriously FABULOUS and we have been getting along so well :) The biggest thing I have learned from her so far is that missionary work is supposed to be hard work but it is ok to have a little fun while doing it. She is the most patient person and it is a good thing because well I'm not... but hey I am working on it :) 
Nothing new has happened with a Jamie (Jeffs wife) but he has his home teachers and is really excited to start doing family history so that he can go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead. We are trying to help Jamie the best we can but we can only do so much for people. Ultimately it is all up to them whether or not they want to put forth effort or not. Kevin and Sheri were supposed to come to church but they were running late and when they got to the church building the chapel doors were closed because we were taking the sacrament and they didn't want people to stare at them while they walked in so they just left.... Oh ya! I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting at the Mather ward. I definitely forgot all about it until Saturday night around 6pm... LOL but the topic was how the Book of Mormon has brought me closer to Christ so I found a few quotes and scriptures and shared some stories and BOOM a 10 min. talk haha Sister Starnes was laughing (we do a lot of that) so hard at me because I was a literal stress case while writing it. Anyways... The work has been slow as of late but Sister Starnes and I are getting the hang of things so hopefully something amazing happens soon! Taiti is going to be baptized on the 30th :) She is super excited and formally invited me to come to her "Baptism party on the 30th" hahaha Love her! Sister Wright is now in the YSA Carmichael zone. She is loving it and she is now my STL 
(sister training leader)  
Hermana Stevens turned 20 on Saturday so we all went to Chilis for dinner and it reminded me of when I would go to Chilis with my musical buds after shows. We had a lot of fun and we wore birthday crowns (pictures will come soon) 
I am running out of time like usual so I love you all and miss you tons! Say your prayers!
Sister Munk

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