Monday, October 10, 2016


So to start off my mom told me that people are confused about what an STL is haha sorry sometimes I forget people who aren't missionaries don't know mission lingo my bad! So basically STL stands for sister training leader. Sister Hyde and I have been given 3 amazing companionships of sisters to serve, help, and love. As sister training leaders we go on exchanges with those sisters and we basically just get to know them and help them with whatever they need physically, spiritually, mentally you name it! So we are more like sister training servants :) So far it has been fun! The only major differences is there are more meetings and we call President Jardine a lot haha We also get to go to the mission leadership council (MLC) with the zone leaders and APs and president and sister Jardine of course, to make goals for the months and year and also to discuss what the needs of the individual missionaries are. I am really excited and also humbled because let's be honest I'm so under qualified for this job. But whom the Lord calls he qualifies and I have 100% faith in that. 
Anyways this week has been really busy. Like insanely busy!! Between meetings and teaching appointments and General conference we have barley found time to eat haha JK we eat plenty but it seems like the days are going by faster because we have so much to do. I am absolutely loving the YSA Ward so far! We also cover a family Ward :) I like having two wards again! So much work to be done :) The most frustrating thing with YSA so far is addiction. Like real serious addictions that are way hard to overcome. Just don't do drugs kids. But I am excited to see the atonement in action as sister Hyde and I do all we can to help these spirit brothers and sisters of ours. 
It was truly a blessing to be able to watch conference his weekend. Conference time is my favorite time of the year!! There were so many amazing talks but the ones that I loved the most were the ones that talked about Joy. What a happy and awesome word! Following the gospel path is the best and really only way to find true happiness and joy in a world so full of wickedness. I hope each of you enjoyed watching General conference and felt the spirit as you did. Not going to lie it made me a little homesick not watching conference in my pjs with my fam haha one more conference and then it's back to pjs and lazy conference weekend :) #nottrunky 
Ok well I love each of you so much and I miss you all lots and lots. Have a good weekend! Send me pics of the snowy mountains!!!!! I miss seeing them! Say your prayers and read your scriptures:) 
Sister Harley Munk 
Ps be sure to participate in my fb post about conference. I'm going to ask a question so answer it! Let's see if we can start some awesome gospel discussions with our friends and family. MISSIONARY WORK ROCKS!!! 

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