Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hey! Ok so this week is kind of a blur haha so much happened so I'll do my best to summarize :) To start of sister Hyde and I got to go to a mission leadership council (MLC) on Tuesday. It was amazing!!!! All the other stls and zone leaders in the mission were there and the APs and President and Sister Jardine gave some trainings and then we discussed what the baptism goal for October should be. It was a really spiritual experience as we all shared our thoughts and impressions. We came up with the goal of 25 baptisms for this month. I am super excited for that goal :) I know that we can hit it!! After that we had a training about love and charity. We did this fun role play where we formed two lines facing each other and we, all at the same time, had to compliment the person across from us in like 20 seconds. We had to make sure the compliments fell under the categories of attitude, work ethic, obedience, and knowledge. Then we had to rotate. Kind of like speed dating haha. It was really cool because a lot of the compliments I was given were things I though I was weakest at like knowledge... The point was that if we have love and charity for each other and for people we meet just for everyone, then everything else will fall into place and our goals will be hit. We ended it with the scripture in Mathew 22:36-39 ❤️️ 
Then we had zone training which is where sister Hyde and I got together with the zone leaders and took what we learned from MLC and put together our own training for our zone. It ended up being awesome and I think each member of the zone felt loved and happy which made us all feel more unified. I just love being a missionary!!! 
Another fun thing happened is week! I got to go on exchanges with Sister Davis!!! I love that girl so much. She is such a hard worker and a good teacher. We had fun :) Sister Hyde went to east sac with sister Lalomanu :) 
Then on Sunday our recent convert Ron from the YSA Ward got the priesthood!! Yay :) He is so awesome I can't even tell ya! 
It was my very first time going to a YSA Ward lol it felt so weird to me but it was way fun and I am just super pumped to be here! We also cover a home Ward. The fair oaks third Ward and I found out one of my dads cousins is in the Ward! Small world :) 
Anywho this week was great and I can't wait for the next one!! Time is a flyin... it's freaking me out lol 
Love you all! Have a great week! Oh ya and happy birthday uncle Dallin! How old are 50 by now right? ;) love you!!
Sister Harley Munk❤️️ 0/16

Contacted a lady while she was walking her beautiful dog and I had to get a picture.
This is for Trent but I know he doesn't have an email so show him.

 High five
 Sister Hyde and i took a walk down memory lane....Literally
 Biking for days
Exchanges! Love these sisters

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