Wednesday, November 2, 2016

10/17/16 Holy Craziness

Holy Smokes this week has been crazy! So much has happened :) Sister Hyde and I are crazy busy! Being busy as a missionary is awesome but it definitely makes time go faster which is kind of sad. We are now halfway done with this transfer. I'm almost a year and sister Hyde is almost a gonner...but we are enjoying everyday as if it was our last! 
So to start this off the missionaries that have been in this area before were amazing and they had a lot of cool people to teach but unfortunately those people just weren't progressing and now that sister Hyde and I are here we had to make the really hard decision to let some people go. They just aren't quite ready yet. Dropping people is the worst let me just tell ya! But this is the Lords work after all so we both knew that if we put our trust in the Lord and continued to work diligently that we would see miracles. And boy did we!! We got this referral Samantha from some of the elders. So we went over and met her, taught her the restoration and it was amazing! Then we met the next day and taught the plan of salvation and invited her to be baptized. She said yes!! Then the next lesson when we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ we extended her s date of November 12 and she is super excited!! Samantha is so prepared. She already knew all of the things we have taught her she just needed to feel the spirit, she just needed to be reminded. The best part is that the YSA Ward had a ladies night activity and she went and met everyone which made her even more excited to come to church. Turns out she actually went to highschool with a lot of the Ward members and already knew a lot of them. :) She loved church and told everyone that she was going to be baptized!!! 
But don't worry brothers and sisters there is more! There is a part member family in our family Ward. Parents are both members and so are the kids except for one because he was just waiting for permission from his birth dad to be baptized and he got it!! One night we both felt like we needed to go visit the family and when sister Harris opened the door she said "oh good! So Skylars dad said he could be baptized so you need to finish teaching him. Also my parents are coming from Utah in 3 weeks so we want him to be baptized on the 29th." We were both in shock. Hahaha best news a missionary could ever hear from a part member family. The only issue was that Skylar was going to be at his dads all next week so we would have to have his interview and finish his lessons in like 2 days.  So we taught him as much as we could and he was interviewed yesterday!! Our district leader said he was really impressed in how much Skylar knew at such a young age. (He is 10) So Skylar is set for baptism on the 29th of this month!!!!! 
I can testify that Heavenly Father really does love all his missionaries and that this is his work. 
In other news it has rained the past 2 days all day and it's the best. I am so sick of California heat lol I miss the Utah snow! Well enjoy the pictures and videos :) Sister Hyde and I are having too much fun!! Pray for Samantha and Skylar :) love you all have a great week!!! 
Sister Munk

Got to go on an exchange with Sister Kaufusi!! Love this girl;) She is doing
an awesome job training and leading the area

 Twas a good reunion :)
 Exchanges with Sister Beck:) our dreams of being companions came true for
24 hours and it was the we were just missing sister Davis #tridreams
 Love this sister
 Carmichael sisters!! Happy 4 months to sister McDonald
Oh ya also I can't even tell you in words how much I love this book READ IT
As you look to the book you look to the Lord

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