Wednesday, November 9, 2016

11/8/2016 Transfers and Baptism

Hey everyone!! I hope you all had an awesome week :) so things here in California have been pretty good. We had transfers this week and sister Hyde and I were both super nervous for it but.....we are staying together!! Yippeee 😀 
A lot of cool stuff happened this week, it all started with MLC (mission leadership council). All the zone leaders and sister training leaders meet together to set the baptism goal for every month and then we also get to have a training by the APs (assistants to the president) and president and sister Jardine. This MLC was really awesome because it was all focused on learning to love the Lord more. So now today elder Scott, Pennington, sister Hyde and I are doing a zone training and I am super excited about it!! Also the mission got 2 new sister training leaders called... Sister Beck and Sister Davis!!!!! I am so happy for them and I know they will do amazing things :) 
This week Sister Hyde and I were able to take Samantha on a temple tour.  It was amazing!! Our wonderful member Shivani drove us so the four of us were able to enjoy the tour together. It was just amazing. The spirit was so strong as we walked around the temple with Samantha. The man giving the tour knew that Samantha was an investigator and so everything he said was just perfect! As we were walking around the temple the most incredible thing happened. Samantha turned to us and said "Sisters, I think I want to serve a mission." WHAT?!?!? I almost died when she said that. She has such a strong testimony of the gospel and she can't wait to start helpi other people. She is the best!! Her baptism is his Saturday so keep her in your prayers because Satan is gonna work really hard on her this week. 
Also Sister Hyde and I got to go to a baptism for an investigator we were teaching but then she moved to Elk Grove. Her name is Maria and she is super sweet! I loved teaching her always wanted to sing hymns and it was the best. She even sang at her baptism! She sang 'teach me to walk in the light' and the spirit was super strong. Man missions are the best. 
Another super crazy thing happened this week. So sister Hyde and I were driving around visiting people and all of a sudden our phone was dead so we had to drive home to get the chord to charge it. It was super annoying because like ten minutes earlier the phone was completely fine so we hurried home and as I was turning onto our street (it was night time so it was dark) the cars lights shown on this man laying on the side of the road. It freaked us both out so we turned around and tried to talk to the guy but he looked unconscious and he wouldn't respond to us. So we decided we needed to call 911 so we booked it home and used sister morgans phone. I have never called 911 before so I was super freaked out but I did it and the ambulance came and I don't know what ended up  happening but I had this feeling of peace. It was a testimony builder to me that our Heavenly Father is in charge and he allows certain things to happen. Like our phone dying, so that greater things to come to pass like going home unexpectedly and helping this man. I know that everything happens for a reason! 
I love you all and hope you have a great rest of your week! :) adios!!

Our awesome zone leaders Elder Scott and Elder pennington

 Sister Davis Sister Beck Sister Hyde and i after MLC
 Sister Hyde and i drew the coolest picture ever.
hope y'all like it :)
 On our way to the Temple tour
 How transfers make us feel
 But don't worry we get to stay together!!
 temple tour

 Samantha has her sights set on the Temple
Marias Baptism

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