Wednesday, November 2, 2016

10/24/16 11 Months

Heeyyy. So this went by fast and a lot happened and I don't really remember everything hahaha sorry guys but here are the highlights. 
I hit my eleven month mark! That's weird. Haha Sister Hyde and I celebrated with McDonald's YUM! I don't know what it is but I have never loved McDonald's more than I do now lol I think it is because everywhere I have lived so far had a McDonald right by it. I don't know! 
Sister Hyde and I were able to go on team ups with some amazing sisters :) It really impresses me how hard the missionaries we are serving work. I'm sure every missionary works hard but being able to go work in their area with them was awesome :) They might not have a ton going on but they have the best attitudes and the best work ethic and that's what counts. 
Samantha is just the most "golden" and prepared person ever. She tells us she can feel her faith growing daily when she reads and prays. She also told us that she has been given her answer that the Book of Mormon is true! I LOVE teaching her these simple truths and watching her nod her head in agreement. It's awesome!!! She is for sure getting baptized on November 12! 
Also Skylar is super excited about this weekend :) So am I!!! I love me some baptisms :) 
So for all my bountiful people I hope you know that amongst all the sad, confusing, heartbreaking times that the Savior is there. Stay grounded in that knowledge! Nothing good will come from distancing yourself from the only one who can truly heal, guide, and comfort you. I love you all! 
Well that is all :) Enjoy the pictures! Have a great week and don't forget to do the little things :) 
Love ya!!
Sister Hyde and I decided facial masks would be a good idea.......hahahaha
we should have videoed us ripping them off it was hilarious an painful
and horrible in every way

 Our awesome zone
 11 Months whoop whoop
 We found a lizard in our house :{
 We carved pumpkins to day and i guess I was feeling a little homesick 

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