Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a fun and safe night!! 
So this week was awesome :) I think the best part was Skyler's baptism. He was so excited to finally be baptized. It was a great day! He has such a sweet and simple testimony of the gospel and he is so smart. Seeing his family unite in the gospel was such a testament to me that the gospel truly does bless families. :) 
Another awesome thing that happened this week was when we had dinner with one of our recent converts. His name is Ron and he is the bomb diggity:) He is in the YSA Ward and he signed up to feed us. Sister Hyde and I were so excited to eat with him because he is a chef!! He made a super yummy dinner that we had to eat in the open garage lol we can't go into a home if there is not another woman there but don't worry he had a candle on the table to make it fancy hahaha YSA kills me! It's the best :) 
We also had our family wards Halloween party which was super fun! All the kids looked super cute in their fun costumes :) I think there was about 10 Harry Potter characters which made me happy because it reminded me of my mom haha
Anyways, in church on Sunday there was a homecoming for a returned missionary. She gave an amazing talk about how scary it was for her to come home. She said it was scarier than leaving for her mission. But then she talked about how in life we can't have fear and have faith. We have to put our faith forward and hope for the best! She said a lot of other awesome stuff that I can't remember hahaha but that's mostly what I took from it. 
Our recent converts are doing amazing so far!! Aron is the best :) He was atheist before he was baptized and he didn't believe any of it but then he read he Book of Mormon and bam! Now he has such a solid testimony! He likes boxing and he hurt his wrist so now he has to get surgery on his wrist and he was scared so he asked a member of the YSA Ward to give him a blessing. He told us that he felt so much comfort during the blessing and he bore his testimony to us that the priesthood is real. It was amazing! 
Well I am loving it here in Sacramento! I miss good ole Utah though :) Hope everyone has an awesome week. Oh ya and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GMA B :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU 😘 

Decorated sister McDonalds bed for her birthday

 We have been Facebook video chatting with Samantha and reading
the Book of Mormon with her in between her lessons. I am so grateful
for social media.
 Pumpkin at night
 Skylar's baptism (his hair is literally beautiful Jealous)
And Bishop Sprague
 Saw this while driving around
James 3:16
 For Mom (its Bellatrix)
 We love missionary work!!
 Samantha reppin the Book of Mormon
Happy Hallowee! Love the Princess and Rudolph ;)

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