Wednesday, December 7, 2016

11/14/16 Baptism!!

Man so much happened this week :) To start off Samantha got baptized!! Yippee :) Samantha is the best, she has such a strong testimony! Every time she talks about the gospel she gets the biggest smile on her face. She has truly felt the joy and happiness that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
We also had stake conference this week so Samantha won't be confirmed until next week so keep her in your prayers because Satan is going to continue to work hard on her. I know she will make it though!! 
So stake conference was really really good! On Saturday night the stake president called people at random from the congregation to bear their testimonies and I was sure I was off the hook because he had never really met me but I was wrong!! Out of all the missionaries of course I was the one that got her named called out. Oh my goodness I was freaking out! I had no idea what to say!! I am just so grateful for the spirit because honestly I don't even remember what I said. The whole walk up to the pulpit I was praying for guidance. Praying that my mouth would be filled and it was. I have a testimony that when we put our trust in the Lord he will help us no matter what it is. He is there. :) 
Zone training was awesome! We talked about having a sense of urgency in our work. In MLC president Jardine shared an experience with us. Him and sister Jardine went to a mission president meeting and they met elder Rasband and thy were able to talk with him about things. President Jardine said that not only was the spirit strong while talking with an apostle of the Lord but the sense of urgency was there as well. I think we sometimes forget that is life is not on our timetable it's the Lords. His work his hastening and it is for good reason! We need to all have a sense of urgency as we prepare ourselves for that day when he returns. 
We also talked about the importance of serving others whether it's the members, less active members, investigators, or just nonmember who show no interest. When we serve we show our Savior that we appreciate and love him. We left the zone with the commitment to find 25 ways in 25 days to love the Lord more. I'm not going to lie it's hard to think of 25 ways but I can promise you that it is possible and it is the best thing ever. One of my new fav scriptures that I came across as I was studying is 1John 4:19. I invite you all to Read it and apply it! 
This week ended with a bang! Literally :) One of our sisters, Sister McDonald crashed on her bike and got really hurt. So at like 8:30 we got a phone call from sister Kirby that they needed a ride and at she hurt her arm. So we rushed over there her elbow was definitely swollen and huge and gross so I made a sling out of some pajama pants that we just happened to have in the trunk of our car and we rushed her to the emergency room. She was a good sport though and even though the pain was a 7 on the 1 to 10. After all the X-rays they found out that she fractured her elbow but the swelling was so bad that they couldn't cast it yet so now it is just in the sling until it gets less swollen. 
That is all I can remember that happened this weekend plus I don't have much time left so I love you all and hope you have a great week!
 This was the awesome sign that we made to introduce the mission goal to the zone
25 Baptisms this month and service and urgency.
 Best Zone leaders and Sister Eva
 Samanthas Baptism

 ER Visit
Pajama pants sling :)

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