Sunday, December 25, 2016

12/19/2016 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Holy smokes this week was a long week lol Sister Polatis and I are getting along so good :) I seriously love her so much already! She is super funny and we probably laugh all day long! The work is just super slow right now...but that's ok because it's going to pick up soon :) So kind of some bummer news.... Carlos relapsed and was kicked out of his apartment because of it so now he is homeless. It's seriously so sad. We called him and couldn't get ahold of him but we finally got a text from him. He basically just said to pray for him but that he is just goi to need to figure it out on his own. It's so sad to see people experience so much pain and sorrow because of addictions. But it makes me appreciate and love my savior even more. The atonement is so real and I pray that Carlos can figure it out. 
But on a brighter note.... I am super excited for Christmas!! It's kind of crazy that it is already that time of year again. It kind of snuck up on me haha On Friday our family Ward had their Ward Christmas party. The theme was light the world. So the decorations were awesome! It was really fun :) Our bishop talked us into being part of a singing flash mob during the dinner with some other people hahaha. It was super fun though!
This week mostly consisted of a lot of finding and visiting members to seek referrals. It was long but we made the best out of it. You would think that after a while leading the area would be easy and that you would be used to transfers but I'm not gonna lie it's been stressful and hard. Haha but don't worry I'm doing good and seriously sister Polatis is the most patient and fun person so we are good! 
Some funny/crazy things have happened this week! Number one. 
We were knocking on this door and a lady answered it with her phone up to her ear. So we just kind of looked at her and then each other wondering if we should talk or wait for her to get off the awkward. But we just started talking and she kept staring at us weird so we asked her if there was a better time and she finally put the phone down and said "what are you like Jehovah witnesses?" And we explained to her that we were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which no one knows so then we have to say Mormons and as soon as we said it she started like dry heaving....not kidding. It was so weird. Sister Polatis and I looked at each other then she was like "oh gosh sorry" while she was shaking her head no. Hahahaha so sister Polatis just started saying goodbye and walking away but I couldn't just leave it like that so I complimented her outfit and we talked for just a little but she was obviously disgusted with the "Mormons". Some people! Lol 
Number two. 
We were driving to district meeting and we were stopped at a stoplight and all of a sudden sister Polatis yells "that guy has a gun!!" So I look in front of us and there is this black truck with three guys in it and they all have guns in their hands. And they aren't even being discrete about it. They are like waving them around out the windows! So I started to freak out lol and the light turned green so we got over a few lanes to get away from them as fast as we could. Then next thing we know these cops come out of nowhere and pull them over. Oh my goodness it was crazy!!! But don't worry we were on time to district meeting ;) 
Also another fun thing. Sister Morgan just got a ton of fresh oranges and so sister Polatis and I made some delicious freshly squeezed orange juice :) it is so good!!! 
Sister Polatis and I are not very good at taking pics sorry.... we don't have very many. We will be better!! 
I hope you all have a super fun Christmas and be safe out there!!! Love you all so much :) 
Sister Harley Munk ❤️️

 Freshy Squeezed

Love this sister

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