Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12/26/2016 Last Christmas and 13 months

I hope everyone had a super fun Christmas!! It was a blast to skype home and see my cute family. Man I miss them :) This was The last Christmas for Sister Polatis and I on our missions and we tried our hardest to make it the best! We did a ton of caroling this week which was so fun :) I just love the Christmas Season. Everyone is so much happier and kinder! So much happened this week so I'll just quickly fill you in on the highlights. 
We had our Christmas temple conference and it was so awesome :) Going to the temple is one of my favorite things to do! I always feel so much love and peace when I am there. I got to see Sister Kaufusi, Sister Beck, Hermana Woodbury, and tons of my other good missions friends. I also got roped into signing at the conference... it was ok haha thank goodness one of the other sisters, Sister Jorgensen, volunteered to sing with me :) Then there was a professional photographer there taking pics for president and sister Jardine and he took one of Sister Polatis and I and next thing we know we are on the cover of the ensign!!! (Jk it's totally fake hahaha) 
Then Thursday got a little bit crazy! Sister Turner and Sister Cundick (sisters that we serve) went missing for a few hours in the evening and we got a phone call from President Jardine to join in on the search party! We were out for like 2 hours driving around their area like crazy people trying to find them. And it's all because they left their phones at home lol. They came home for a bit and then left again around 3 pm and their phones were on their bed. They didn't realize until they got to this member's house that they were going to do service at. But they didn't want to waste their miles to go back and get the phones so they didn't. So they just went on with their night as if nothing was wrong. Meanwhile, their zone leaders made some calls and eventually got in touch with our mission president and then a search party was started that consisted of the 
AP's, their  ZL's, us, our bishops, a member of the mission presidency that lives in our ward and his three sons, and their door neighbor. Sister Polatis and I were so scared!! No one will ever know how scary it was haha At 8:30 they finally were found at Panda Express for diner.  And good thing, because our mission pres was planning to call salt lake and get the cops involved in 5 minutes!! So yeah it was a crazy night. But they are safe and unharmed so don't worry!! Thank goodness :) 
Christmas Eve we got to watch a movie as a zone! Our mission president picked out the new Petes dragon for us to watch and I loved it!!! It was so good. I'm not sure if it was because I haven't seen a movie in a year or what but I was so happy I just cried he whole time. Lol. 
Christmas was amazing. Being able to partake of the sacrament on Christmas was something I will always remember :) I am so blessed to be here at this time. Thank you to everyone who gave me gifts and cards. I love you all!! Have a fabulous new year and don't forget to continue to light the world with your bright lights! Love you!!

Caroling as a zone on this awesome court that is decorated all cutesy for Christmas. 
Hermana!!!! I love this girl ❤️  

 Sister Beck and McDonald! 
We are famous

13 months WHAT!!??

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