Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentines Day 2/13/2017

Hello all you wonderful people! 
This week was a pretty ok week. We had a few miracles happen and a few not so amazing things happened but Sister Moffett and I made the best of it :) 
First off investigator report... 
Khalida is no longer on date for the 18th (not so amazing) She told us she is just feeling a little bit rushed and scared so she wants to push it back to March 4th. So we talked about it with her a little bit and made an appointment to really talk with her but then she cancelled it so honestly we don't know what to do about her. She needs prayers! 
David is a referral we got from the Spanish branch and he was progressing pretty nicely while the Spanish elders were teaching him but due to boundary issues they had to refer him to us and now we can't get ahold of him. So we are kind of bummed about that but hopefully his girlfriend who is a member will be able to help us out :) 
Billy Jean! Oh my Billy Jean is hilarious :) She was a former investigator but randomly we stopped by her house one day and invited her to come to church and guess what...she actually came!!! Crazy right? It was awesome :) Also she told us she was going to be at fhe tonight so we are really pumped about it. 
Other hand that we don't have very many investigators and like always we are really working his week to find a new investigator!! This morning I was reading in pmg and laughed when I read the line that says "Nothing happens in missionary work until you find people to teach." I know! We are working on it ;) 
So yeah also this week we had MLC (mission leadership council) and it was seriously so fun to see Sister Polatis, Sister Cundick, Hermana Woodbury, and all my other cool mission friends all together :) We also took what we learned at MLC and had a pretty awesome zone training. The training was based on becoming better teachers of repentance. Good stuff!! 
We also spent a lot of time with the other sisters that serve in our zone. Sister Hanekamp and Sister Cha :) We woke up super early (ok it was only 6am) and drove to their apartments and went running with them for morning glory. Yes I went running... haha it was super fun! I love those two sisters. They are super hardworking missionaries. 
Sister Moffett and I also had the privilege of doing team ups with our wonderful sisters. First we went with Sister Johansen and Sister Thomas and worked with them in their area for a few hours. It was really fun! Then we had team ups with Sister Cha and Hanekamp :) Not to brag or anything but we have some stellar sisters here in Sacramento!! I learned a lot from each of those sisters this week :) But I totally spaced taking pics with them so sorry.... next time! 
We also had interviews this week! It seems like we just did that because haha we did! They changed the way that they do interviews and zone conferences. They happen every transfer now :) I love it!! I get to talk to president and see all my friends a lot more and it's super nice. 
This weekend was my cousin Andrews birthday :) I spent all day thinking about him and trying to remember funny memories which is hard to do because my brain has replaced everything with gospel knowledge haha it's called mission brain and its real. But anyways, I just really miss that kid and wish I knew him better. He was a good guy and we always had fun even if we got in trouble for it :) Love you Andrew 💙 
Also happy birthday shout out to the following wonderful people: 
Taylor!!!Glad you had a fun party in Peru :) 🇵🇪 
Savana!!! Your getting old... lol hope you party it up! Ps how was London?? 
Ellie!!! I miss you :) Have fun with the fam! 😘love you 
Karadie!!! Happy Birthday girl!!! You better email me and tell me all about the fun things you do. 
Oh yeah and Happy Valentines everyone I hope your day is full of pink, chocolate, and love 😉(because mine won't be lol) 
Just want to leave you all with my testimony of eternal families and the plan of salvation. I know that Gods plan is perfect and that it is centered on Christ. I am so eternally grateful for my savior. Thanks to him I will one day see my cousin, great grandparents, and other loved ones again. Because of Him I can find joy in this really hard and trying life. I know that he lives and that he loves me. I know that he loves all of you too. If you have a minute read over the relief society lesson from Sunday...I think it's chapter 3 in the Gordon B. Hinckley Book :) Its good stuff! 
Love you all so much!! Have a great week :) 
Sister Harley Munk 

I love this girl!!

LOL Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

We made protein treats with the sisters. YUM, it hit me
that I only have a couple months left I need to eat healthier.

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