Thursday, February 23, 2017

2/20/17 15 Months!!

This week was a super crazy week! We found a few new investigators and were able to teach a lot of lessons :) It was awesome!! This email is gonna be a quick one, enjoy!
On Monday we had a super fun zone activity :) We played minute to win it games in the gym. Our zone leaders Elder Jermain and Maloy put it all together and everyone had so much fun :) I was going to take a bunch of fun pics and videos but of course I forgot! 
Tuesday we were going to have service but they cancelled on us so we went and got free breakfast at Chic-Fil-A with sister Hanekamp and sister Cha :) Then we went and "heart attacked a family that the sisters are teaching. It was super cute! Valentine's Day was just like any other day for us haha but Mellissa and Alex (2 members of our Ward) came and surprised us with cute presents. Those two girls rock! 
On Tuesday night we slept at sister Hanekamp and sister Cha's apartment and then we went on an exchange the next day. It was a blast! I love those two!! 
On Wednesday I woke up with just an annoying little headache but I didn't think anything of it. Then as sister Hanekamp and I went out my headache got worse and worse until it had turned into a migraine and I could even blink without wanting to throw up. So we went back to the apartment ate some lunch and then I took a nap. THEN I woke up and my vision was super blurry... like all I could see was blobs of light. I couldn't even read sister Hanekamps name tag. It was so scary!! I was freaking out. So we called the doctor and he explained that sometimes when migraines happen they can make your vision blurry or make it so you completely loose your vision for a few hours. He told me to just wait it out and that it should go away.... 😥 
Thankfully my vision went back to normal after about 2 hours but meanwhile we had to go to dinner and an appointment so that was interesting haha 
Thank goodness for sister Hanekamp! She was so nice and helpful and kept me laughing through it all :) Plus she is such an amazing missionary and has a really powerful testimony. Love her ❤️ 
Thursday we had district meeting and we talked about the power of personal testimonies. I love this quote by Elder Holland "Our personal testimonies are our timeless and ultimately undeniable weapons." Never underestimate the power that comes when you bear your simple testimonies with those around you. My life has been changed over and over as my faith has been strengthen by others powerful testimonies. 
Nothing exciting happened on Friday but on Saturday I hit my 15 month mark!! So crazy. My super sweet companion decorated the bathroom mirror with sticky notes that had 15 things that make me so awesome. She is so sweet!! 
The relief society had a sleepover on Saturday so we went and ate dinner with them and it was so much fun! Then on Sunday morning after we planned and studied we went and had breakfast with them. YSA work is the best :) 
Church was awesome as usual! The talks in sacrament were all about missionary work and then in Sunday school we talked about prayer. In relief society we had an awesome lesson on the importance of temples and family history. I don't know what it was about church but the spirit was just so strong the whole time. I'm so grateful to be out here serving! It's very humbling to know that Heavenly Father trusts me to assist in  this great work. 
I love you all and hope your Valentine's Day was awesome :) Happy Presidents Day!! Have a great week and be safe!! 
Sister Harley Munk 
Our cute presents from Melissa and Alex

Valentine gifts

Relief Society party

love these ladies

Chillin at the church with my home girl

Happy 15 Months!!!!

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