Saturday, February 4, 2017

1/31/2017 Transfers

Hello beautiful people! I hope everyone has had a great week full of fun :) All week I have been thinking about how blessed and lucky I am to be here on a mission. I know I say this all the time, but time flies by so fast on a mission and it's starting to hit me that my time left is short. I can't help but reflect on all the amazing people I have met, things I have learned, and experiences I have had. This week I have learned to enjoy every minute and to be grateful for what I have! 
To start off I'm sure most of you have heard all about the new missionary schedule. Let me just tell ya it is the best!! We still wake up at 6:30 am but we get to choose when we want to work out, plan, and do personal study. It makes the mornings so much nicer!! And I love planning in the morning. :) The other changes are that companionship study is now only 30 min and it can be whenever we decide to do it. Lunch is also only 30 minutes which means no more 20 minute power naps....but we are in by 9:00 and we don't have to plan at night anymore so we get to go to bed earlier!!! Well I guess I should say we are in bed earlier but Sister Polatis and I still talk each others ears off until 10:30 haha But the changes have been really nice :) In preparation for the missionary broadcast that we had (which is when we found out about all the changes) our mission president had us study D&C 58:27-28 which talks about how we are agents to act for ourselves. The idea is that we are accountable and can make our own decisions. If we are anxiously engaged in our missionary efforts then we are given more flexibility throughout our day. Also they gave us more time on preparation day so we can actually rest and relax :) I just love being a missionary!!! 
The missionary broadcast was awesome :) It was just basically a recap of the one we had a year ago. It was all about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. This week during my studies I have tried to focus on repentance. One of my favorite quotes in PMG is that "As we learn more about what the Savior expects of us, we will want to show our love by obeying Him. Thus, as we repent daily, we will find that our lives will change and improve. Our hearts and our behavior will become more Christlike. We will come to feel great joy in repenting daily." It changes the way I think and feel about repentance. In the broadcast I also was reminded of the importance of the order the gospel principles are. First faith then repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. It was a super good broadcast! :) 
Then the rest of the week consisted of visiting potentials and less active Members. Funny story! So sister Polatis and I realized we have a problem. We are addicted to sugar. Like for real haha so we decided we were going to avoid sugar. Well after like 2 days of going strong I was craving chocolate so bad haha So as we were walking to this persons house I stopped and right in front of me was this beautiful, unwrapped chocolate bar. It was hilarious because I was just telling sister Polatis that I wanted some chocolate! Don't worry I left it there. But the next day I gave in and I have gladly welcomed sugar back into my life ;) 
Another exciting thing happened! The Northridge sisters have is awesome investigator named Bill and he has been dating a less active member of their Ward named Amanda. Well Bill really wants to get baptized :) He has a testimony and a desire! So they got married so that he could take the next step of baptism. I had met them a few times and they are just so awesome!! Anyways they invited us to their wedding so we went! They are so happy and he is really excited to be baptized soon :) 
Now onto the sad, sad, heartbreaking news...... I got transferred 😢 I am now serving in the Cosumnes River YSA Ward in the Elk Grove zone with Sister Moffett 😀 Sister Polatis is staying in Carmichael and her new companion is Sister Cundick!! 
Leaving Fair Oaks 3rd and College Oak was super sad but leaving Sister Polatis was the worst thing in the world. Oh my goodness. I am going to miss her so much but luckily I'll see her all the time and we will hang out when we get home. Also sister Moffett is super super nice and fun so all is well :) I am really excited to be here! This YSA Ward is huge and has 2 college campuses so the first thing we did was go to campus and talk to people. THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE ON CAMPUS TO TALK TO ITS INSANE. Not gonna lie I was a little overwhelmed but it was super fun :) we got a new investigator and invited everyone we talked to repent! I am really excited for this transfer. It was so sad though because as I was packing up my stuff Sister Polatis said, "Sister Munk next time you pack you will probably be going home." 😭😭 what in the world?!! Haha but it's true I think I will stay here for the rest of my mission. Weird. 
Well I hope you all have a good week! I want you all to know that I know this gospel is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior and his plan is perfect. Do all you can to become more like him and your life will be significantly happier. This gospel will bring you so much joy as you follow it's teachings. Love you all!! 

No more sugar!!

Four generations of awesome!!! (I trained sister Cundick who trained sister Cha who trained sister Wilkins)  

Sister Polatis captured this picture of me trying to get rid of a headache and I thought my family would enjoy it. And yes. It is dr. Pepper 

Saying goodbye to the Harris family
Saying goodbye to bishop Sprague and his sweet family! 

Last day with Sister Polatis! 

 Sister Moffett!! She is super sweet :) She is from Layton, Utah. She is 24 and has been out for a year. 
exciting stuff!!

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