Thursday, January 26, 2017

1/23/2017 Sinus Infection and Hives

Hello everyone :) I hope that you have had an awesome week!! Sister Polatis and I had a pretty interesting week haha it started out pretty normal. We went on exchanges when the lovely Northridge sisters (Sister McDonald and Sister Jorgensen) We are doing exchanges differently now so we ask stayed in our area and split of during the day and for dinner then at night we all stayed at our house. It was like a giant sleepover!! So fun :) Sister Polatis' mom sent her a super fun snow package with white styrofoam snow balls. So Sister Polatis and I had a snowball fight hahaha it was super fun :) Poor Sister Jorgensen got a migraine so we stayed inside for most of the day. I got a bunch of Book of Mormon reading done! I figured out that if I read about 2 pages everyday I will be able to finish the Book of Mormon by June 3. Hooray!! I think one of the biggest changes I have seen in myself so far is my love for the Book of Mormon. It's the greatest :) 
Then when I woke up in Tuesday I had a massive headache and my nose and right under my eyes were swollen :( My throat hurt pretty bad too so we called the mission doctor and he told me to go get musinex. So for most of that day I was not feeling good and we came home a little early so I could sleep it off. Well that lasted and turned into a Sinus Infection :( But I am feeling a lot better now!! Funniest thing happened though!! Sister Polatis was also not feeling good and bad some Sinus problems too so I graciously offered her some musinex and about an hour after she took it she turned to me and said oh no sister Munk. Oh my goodness she was bright red, like super super red and covered in hives!!! She had an allergic reaction to the medicine so we had to call the doctor again (poor guy hears from us way to much lol) We got her some benadryl and waited for her to turn back to normal. It was actually pretty scary at the time because she was super itchy and the doctor kept asking if she was breathing or if her throat was closing and you know me I don't do well in those kinds of situations but looking back at it, it was pretty funny! 
This week or stake had a family festival and it was super fun! We handed out invitations to everyone we could!!! The gym was transformed into a carnival with booths of different kinds of food from all over the world. Sister Polatis and I were in charge of doing Chapel this. Not a ton of people showed up to that part unfortunately but it was still super fun :) 
Transfers are this weekend and I'm feeling a change coming in which is super sad because I love Sister Polatis! She had easily become one of my best friends and I am super pumped to hang out with her when we get home :) 
Well enjoy the pictures and have a great rest of your week :) Love you all!! 

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