Thursday, January 26, 2017

1/16/2017 Brother and Sister Renlund

Hello everyone! This week was a super awesome one :) The special visitor I talked about last week was Elder Renlund and his wife Sister Renlund, the area seventy Elder Dorius and another seventy Elder Ardurn. It was so awesome to meet an apostle! We each got to shake their hands and then they spoke to all the missionaries. So cool :) There was also a women's session for a bunch of the stakes in the area. It was up at the church building next to the temple called the Mormon center. Unfortunately we missed most of the women's session because there were tons and tons of people there! We sat in traffic waiting and waiting and then once we got there we had to park and wait in line for about 20 minutes to be shuttled up to the building. It was super freezing too. But by the time we got to the front of the line they said "Sorry no more room you will have to go to a different building where they will broadcast it." We were bummed so we drove to the other building but even that building was packed full so we got a seat in the back! Then they were having technical difficulties so we caught the last part. Kind of a bummer! 
There was one specific thing that I really loved and took to heart from what Elder Renlund said to all of us during the mission meeting. He drew on the board a picture and it looked like this

He told us that to get to the miracle zone we need to have a positive attitude and a positive and diligent effort. It made me think of which box my natural man is and he gave me hope that I can move to that miracle zone by choosing to be there and doing all I can to get there. Kind of a cool concept for me. And really it applies to everything we do. When we have a positive attitude and we put forth effort we find joy and success but when we have a negative attitude, even if we put forth a lot of effort we won't have joy. 
Anyways, this week it has been rainy but it's starting to warm up just a tad. There hadn't been much flooding here but I know in some parts of Sacramento there has been tons of flooding. 
I just miss the warm sunshine hahaha oh well! 
I'm pretty sure that is everything! Sister Polatis and I are working hard and we have faith that a miracle is just around the corner :) love you all and hope the rest of your week is awesome!! 

I got to see another California cousin waiting in line at the Mormon center :) So fun to see her! 

rain rain go away

I took accept stalker photo of Elder Renlund and his wife lol It was so cool to meet them! They are so spiritual but also just so real and hilarious. It was an amazing experience! 
Sister Harley Munk ❤️️

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