Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2/27/2017 Zone Conference

I feel like every time I sit down to type this up I have so many things I want to tell you! Unfortunately I only have a short amount of time so I'll do my best. Y'all are troopers for actually reading these! 
Ok to start off this week we had zone conference. That is where a few different zones meet together and have trainings with president and sister Jardine and the assistants. The zone leaders and sister training leaders also give some trainings for their zones. It was super awesome :) Our zone met with only a few others so the whole mission wasn't together but I did get to see a lot of my friends. It was the best! .The spirit was definitely there and I learned a lot! I was asked to be the chorister and as I was standing up there leading I couldn't help but get a little choked up. I have made some really amazing friends out here. The spirit hit me so strong and it just reminded me that I am super blessed to be here surrounded by amazing people. 

The purpose for our training was to learn how to become a Master Student and a Master Teacher by successfully studying and applying principles from the scriptures and Preach My Gospel Every Day. President Jardine brought up 3 things that we need to do as teachers. Love. Listen. and Level. 
Then we all broke off into our zones and had some more training. Our zone split in half and Sister Moffett and I gave a training on asking questions and the zone leaders gave a training on listening. It was awesome :) We did tons of role plays and learned a lot! 

Another exciting thing this week was going on exchanges with some sisters that we serve! I got to be with Sister Johansen and it was really fun :) She is a super sweet sister and a very hard worker. She loves musical theater so we just talked and talked all about our favorite shows! But also we did lots of missionary work ;) 

Oh yeah!! And on Friday our lovely YSA Ward had a baptism :) So the YSA Ward covers both the Elk Grove and Sacramento stakes. So the zone leaders serve in the Elk Grove stake and we serve in the sac stake. Gabe lives in the Elk Grove stake so the elders were teaching him and he was baptized on Friday! He is an awesome kid and he totally loves the gospel and he has a really strong testimony that he shared with us at his baptism. The elders asked Sister Moffett and I if we would do the missionary moment so we got up there and taught the restoration to everyone while Gabe was changing into dry clothes. It was awesome! 

On Sunday we had a recent convert dinner! It was awesome :) We invited all of the recent converts who had been baptized within the past year or two and even though not all of them came, it was really fun to see them all together. We talked a lot about progressing and enduring in the gospel. We have some awesome people over here in Elk Grove! 

This week I am studying charity and I'm trying to improve. (President Jardine always tells us there is no such thing as trying it's either do or don't lol) Loving everyone is kind of hard!! My companion is the sweetest thing ever and loves people the second she meets them. It's truly impressive and so it's my goal to be better at that. :) 
Well that's all I've got for ya right now! Love you all so much. Make this week the best week ever. :) Love you!! 
Sister Harley Munk

Sister Hanekamp, Cha and McDonald

a guy in our ward is a photographer and he sent this to me, he said
"the moment when your true character comes out"

Me and my super cute companion

exchanges with sister Johansen

Love these sweet sisters

NO I did not shave the side of my head, but I did
devour a chocolate molten cake with my favs

Found some glitter in our apartment so I gave my
Companion a pedi and did some glitter fun

Got to see Elder Dougherty and Elder Hallmark at Gabes baptism this week

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