Monday, March 20, 2017

3/20/2017 PLOT TWIST

Holy Cannoli. I have a trillion things I want to say but never enough time. Alright to start off this week was a struggle!! You all know me pretty well so I'm gonna be 100% honest and real with ya haha I have been really having a hard time. I have been really struggling feeling depressed and just a little overwhelmed. It takes a lot to lead an area, help out other sisters and deal with everything else that's going on with me. I finally broke and realized that I may not be as strong as I thought I was. I finally realized that maybe my plate is too full and I can't take on anymore. Realizing that sucks and it's hard! Thank goodness for an amazing companion, understanding mission president, and pretty much everyone else that has been helping me out. After a talk with president we both decided it would probably be best to take a break from being a sister training leader and allow myself some time to help myself. So the big plot twist is..... I will be transferring BACK to Rancho Cordova!!!!!! I will be serving in the Rossmoor Ward with TWO companions! I will be in a trio with Sister Hudson and Sister Brown :) I'm a little nervous but also just relieved. It will be a huge load off my shoulders! The best part is that Sister Davis and Sister Beck will be my sister training leaders!!!! LOL I'm excited for this change and although I'm super sad it happened this way I know that the Lord has a plan. He is very aware of all of us and sometimes all we can do is just have faith. I will really miss this Ward, area, zone, all of it really. It's definitely bitter sweet. I promised them I would be back to visit soon :) 
Sister Barnes will be staying here with her new companion Hermana Morriss. AND they are shot gunning the elders area!! Legit it has been an insane few days. 
With all of this craziness happening I can't stop thinking about how much love and support I know I have from all of you. Thank you for the prayers and love. I really appreciate it! Keep them coming :) 
On the bright side....I hit my 16 month mark which means I have one transfer left. Which is a really weird thing to think about. I'm excited to end my mission where it began in Rancho :) I am excited to work hard and find miracles!! 
Well, folks that's pretty much it for this week. I love you all and I know that it's only through the atonement of Jesus Christ that all sadness and every trial can be taken from us. I know Christ lives and loves us. Have a great week everyone!!
Sister Harley Munk

All the sisters that live in our complex. I'm gonna miss them!!

Sister Barnes had never gotten her nails done and we knew it
would be our last pDay together so......

I love this girl even if it was short being companions
with her it was the


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