Tuesday, July 26, 2016

7/18/16 OHANA No one gets left behind

Hey!! Man this week went by so fast! We have been biking everyday all
day which I'm not going to lie I have actually been loving it! It's so
much easier to talk to people when you are on a bike. Plus this
California sun is awesome :) it has been so hot lately! I have a
pretty awesome tan line from my watch and shoes haha We went on
exchanges this week and I stayed here and Sister Covington came and
worked with me. We had such an awesome miracle! We went and visited
Tequila and we actually got to teach her. We read 2Nephi 31 with her
and we talked with her about following Jesus Christ's example and how
important it is. We explained to her the blessings that we are
promised if we follow our savior. One of them being eternal families
:) Tequila has 5 kids and her family means everything to her. She lit
up when she heard about eternal families and she told us that is what
she wanted. She told us that she knows her and her boyfriend need to
be married and that they have just been lazy. We asked her if she
wanted to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized and she said that she
did! She told us she wants that for her whole family! Let me tell ya
guys the spirit was so strong I could almost see it working on her
heart. We invited her to be baptized August 13 and explained that it
will take a lot of work and sacrifices and she agreed :) So everyone
pray for Tequila and her sweet family that they will be able to make
the changes needed in order to enter into the waters of baptism as a
family. Her boyfriend Deandre has met with the ASL missionaries before
and he wants to get married. Our awesome mission president is going to
let Sister Cristoffersen come to the lessons with us so that she can
interpret for Deandre :) WE ARE TEACHING A FAMILY!! I am so excited :)
That's what this gospel is all about right?! I have such a strong
testimony that families are ordained of God and that the gospel of
Jesus Christ is the best way to grow and strengthen our families. I
love this work!!  I can feel another wedding baptism on the horizon
Sister Kaufusi and I are working hard and although a lot of
appointments fell through this week we have been keeping our heads
held high! This week we also had the opportunity to help out some
members of our zone family. We did a zone blitz in their area and holy
miracles! Basically what we did is everyone in the zone met at Panda
Express and were given some names of potentials and formers and then
some street names and a map. Then we split off into companionships and
started working for 2 hours. Sister Kaufusi had her first experience
knocking a street :) man good times! It reminded me of the good old
days in rancho with Sister Cundick knocking every door in Mather!
Hahaha We were able to find some potentials for the elders and we even
got a new investigator for them! It was fun to be able to help out the
elders. Our zone vision (or zone motto) this transfer is Ohana. I have
really felt the unity and love from my zone Ohana this transfer. So
Well that's pretty much a wrap of the week :) oh ya and today marks 8
months in the field :) (weird) I was thinking the other day how crazy
fast everything is going. Hunter is going to be 18 soon and I will be
20! My whole life growing up I just wished I could be older and now I
am older and man I wish I could be young again haha but I am excited
for the new chapters of my life! Let go and let God right?! Haha well
I love you all and hope you have a great week :) Be safe and Remember
that God loves you!
Ofa Atu
(Sister Kaufusi is teaching me Tongan!)
Sister Munk

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