Tuesday, July 26, 2016

6/27/16 Wedding Round 2

Hey hey! So a ton of stuff happened since I last email y'all so I will do my best to fill you in on everything! Ok so to start off our mission had the privilege to be visited by Elder and Sister Lawrence. Elder Lawrence is a seventy and gave the talk "What Lack I Yet?" In the October 2015 session of general conference. It's a great talk you should read it. But anyways on Monday and Tuesday our mission split in half to go meet and hear from him and his wife. Our half went on Tuesday and let me tell ya the amount of gospel knowledge that Elder and Sister Lawrence have is insane. My mind was blown like 5 different times! It was seriously amazing. Before anyone have any talks we individually got to shake hands with Elder Lawrence and hug Sister Lawrence. As I was shaking his hand he asked me where I was from and I told him "Bountiful Utah!" And he said that's nice haha but as he talked to me he seriously stared into my soul and I am pretty sure he somehow with his general authority powers looked into my past and saw everything! It was a neat experience. First Sister Lawrence talked to us. She talked mainly about the house of Israel. All those who are part of the house of Israel are in that bloodline because of the things we did in the pre existence. Only a small percent of the earth is part of the house of Israel, the rest are gentile. And most members of the church are directly the house of Israel. Anyone with Israel blood is the most likely to accept the gospel because of our "spirituality" which is our ability to recognize truth and act on it. So as missionaries, we need to find those who are of the house of Israel because they will be more likely to receive it. And the Book of Mormon is the key to helping
them receive it. She went in depth on the scattering and gathering of Israel and all the promises that come with the covenant and it was all so interesting! Then Elder Lawrence gave specific direction for our mission and how we can improve as missionaries. He talked a lot about our mission baptism goal for the year which is 411. He told us as a mission we are going to really have to exercise our faith and make some sacrifices to show God that we really want to reach our goal and bring 411 souls unto Christ. So individually we are going to each email our mission President and tell him what sacrifice we are willing to make. I know that we can hit our goal maybe even exceed it! Prayer for us :) 
Thursday to Friday we went on exchanges with our stls (sister training leaders) It was so fun! I went to the Carmichael zone with Sister Christoffersen. She is super fun and a way awesome missionary. We got along really well and immediately got used to teaching together. We worked mostly with the YSA Ward and I love working in YSA work. It is seriously the best! 
Then on Saturday was the wedding!! Kirk and Colleen were married in the Shaltes' back yard by our bishop. It was a very hot day but it was a very pretty wedding. They are so happy and both sister Erickson and I are so proud of them. This is a big step in their lives and the next step is baptism for Kirk! Yippee :) 
On Sunday I gave a talk on obedience and everyone says it was good so hopefully it was haha 
It's hard to believe that today is the last PDAY of the transfer. Time is flying by! Well I hope you all have a fantastic week :) 
Sister Munk 

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