Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Goodbye Rancho :(

Ok so I don't have a lot of time because it has been a crazy day!
Transfers happened and I got moved to East Sac in the Ashton Park
Ward. My new companion is Sister Erickson from Sandy,UT. We not only
got transferred but we also had to move apartments. We moved into an
elders apartment and so we spent most of the day cleaning. It was
disgusting (to be expected) hahaha elders are gross! The sink and
dishwasher was full of dirty dishes, the garbage was overflowing and
the fridge was full of expired and moldy food. Good times! Anyways so
I am doing great! I am so so sad to be leaving my Mather and Anatolia
family and my cute little trainee Sister Cundick but I am excited for
new experiences and people. :) I get to go back on the 4th for
Spencer's baptism! Yahoo :)  Oh ya and I hit 6 months!! What?!? That's
so crazy. Thanks for the fun package mom! sorry this is short but I
have tons of pictures! Love you all and have a fantastic week!!!
Sister Munk

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