Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Oh remember remember

Hey lovely people!
So this week was kind of a uneventful one so sorry if this email is
insanely boring.... So I hate numbers and I know goals are important
and that we have to set them if we want to be successful but I hate
numbers. Usually it's because we struggle getting our actuals to match
our goals but we have been working hard and talking to everyone and
the Lord blessed us! We either hit or exceeded our goals this week :)
Sister Cundick and I are trying to be better about being positive in
all things and we found this Mormon message by Elder Eyring called Oh
Remember, Remember. It talks about taking a few minutes at the end of
the day to pray and ponder all of the ways the Lord had his hand in
your day. It's a really good one you should all look it up and take
the challenge. I have and I can promise you that it works! The Lord
really does have his hand in every little part of our lives like
yesterday for example...
We were driving to visit a potential right after church and they ended
up not being interested so we got back in our car and started driving
to our dinner appointment but then we got a text from the member who
was going to feed us and asked if they could push dinner back like 25
minutes. At first I was annoyed because I was starving to death ;) but
then another member came running over to us and told us that he had
just met a lady who wanted to meet the Mormon girl missionaries. So we
went to her house and got to know her and talk with her about her life
and she just opened up to is about how she is struggling to raise her
5 kids and go to school at the same time. We ended up sharing a
message with her and we got a return appointment :) See? The Lord had
a hand in us meeting this nice lady! (her name is Telisa) The church
is true.
Here is a quick update on our recent converts :)
Kevin just got the priesthood yesterday and can't wait to start
passing e sacrament. Sheri is doing really awesome and has been
sharing the gospel a little with her dad :)
Jeff is awesome! He passed the sacrament on Sunday and it was such a
cool thing to watch! His wife is slowly but surely becoming more
interested we have a meeting with her on Friday :)
Sylvia moved :( so that's a bummer!!
Well that's about it folks! Sorry next week will hopefully be better! Haha
Also I would love to hear from you so email me! Have a great week :)
Sister Munk
Pics of the new zone :)

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