Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day

Dear friends and family,
Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope everyone had a great day full of
gratitude for all that our moms do for us :) It was the best Mother's
Day ever for my mom because she got to skype her favorite child ;)
(me) What a blessing it was to see my sweet families faces and
actually hear their voices! Speaking of voices Hayden is a man that's weird. I truly am so blessed with an incredible mom
who has so much patience and love for each of us kids. I am also
blessed with amazing grandmas and aunts who have made a huge impact on
my life. In one of our wards there was a talk given and the topic that
the bishop have him was "Motherhood is Awesome" as I listened and
pondered his thoughts on motherhood I was overwhelmed with such
humility knowing that my Father in Heaven knew me so perfectly that he
sent me to the right mother at the right time. Not only that but he
has also placed other mother figures in my life at the right moments.
Our Father in Heaven really does know us so individually! In that same
talk he mentioned how our Heavenly Father has entrusted us as women to
care for and nurture his spirit children while here on earth. What a
noble and sacred calling! I can't wait to be a mom! (But I will for at
least 2 years haha)
Jeff and Kevin blessed the sacrament again on Sunday :) Happy Day!
Every time Kevin blesses the sacrament Sheri gets teary eyed and feels
the spirit so strong. In the Mather Ward during relief society all the
men took over nursery and primary so that all the women could be
there. We met in the cultural hall and had Mothering Day :) There are
pictures attached but basically the relief society president is
amazing at decorating and always goes over and beyond but it's
awesome! We had a little brunch and there were some talks on
mothering. It was focused on all women whether they were mothers yet
or not. It was really touching :) Then they read us funny things that
moms say and at first it was all funny but then they got really
spiritual and loving and I cried hahaha thanks for all you do mommy :)
The rest of this week was pretty good :) We only had like 3 lessons
set up and all of them flaked on us. So that was a bummer but we were
able to teach Jobe and Jesse the plan of salvation. Since they are
just waiting on their uncles permission to be baptized they have been
taught everything but we still meet with them :) Anyways this time we
used sidewalk chalk and taught them to plan of salvation while they
helped us draw it. It was so fun!! Then we asked if we could take a
picture and they ran and stood in the celestial kingdom hahaha they
are the cutest!
Oh ya I have to tell you this crazy story! So on Saturday we were
doing service and we were really hungry and for some reason I was
craving a donut. So I told sister Cundick that all I wanted right then
was a super yummy donut and I'm not kidding like 30 seconds later a
guy came up to us with a box of DONUTS! He asked us if we wanted the
box. It was the coolest thing in the universe hahahaha sister Cundick
and I were dying! We kept joking that they were Holy Donuts haha Even
though it was a silly little thing it just strengthened my testimony
that God knows us and he cares about the little things :)
Well I hope that you all have a really fun week :) Send me fun
pictures of your lives! Oh ya and Happy Birthday to Easton and Uncle
Matt! I love you all lots and lots :)
Sister Munk

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